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Cost of studying in Canada

Canada is the second most sought-after country of study, especially by indian students, and rightfully so. The high standard of living along with abundance of job prospects and higher income are just a few factors that attract so much attention. This being said, the cost of studying isn’t in any way low. Of course, there are a lot of scholarships available to international students.

A plethora of courses are offered in so many universities that I’ve lost count. Therefore, an exact estimate cannot be given for any course.

This tiny table shows the average tuition fees. These fees increase greatly if you pursue a program in medicine, dentistry, etc.


Level of study

Tuition Fees ( in Canadian Dollars)*



Post Graduate


*All figures taken from official website of the Canadian Government.

Please note that tuition fees does not include additional cost of attending university, like books, library cards, stationary, etc. The cost of a study permit is CAD$150.

The costs that are not related to academics, such as rent, travel, gas, water, electricity, etc. are the ones that need to be considered on a monthly basis. These costs also vary on the basis of location. Wondering how? Well because the rent keeps changing from location to location. Hell, it even changes from one building to the next. Here is a list of the estimated costs:



Average monthly cost in canadian dollars

Rent (on campus)


Rent (off campus, on a sharing basis)


Food (Groceries & Eating out)


Phone & Internet


Public Transport






As you can see that the monthly average cost ranges between CAD$1,250-$2,500. This roughly translates to almost INR 70,000. This may seem like a lot, and it is, but there are a few ways to reduce these costs:

  1. Opt for multiple roommates. This distributes the cost of rent even more. It will be a little uncomfortable, but does help in saving.
  2. Try to do a part time job along with study so as to have a source of income. You must abide by the visa laws on employment. The minimum wages for students in Canada is $13.15 for an hour of work.
  3. Try to cook at home as much as possible and keep a strict weekly budget on the amount you wish to spend outside.
  4. Use all university provided resources as much as you can. The student cards and free bus passes can get you student discounts or free bus journeys.
  5. When going out, try to avoid places which are too expensive and look out for restaurants with student discount facilities. Also, happy hour :P

These tips will definitely help in reducing monthly costs and hellp you save up, maybe for a trip you want to take over a long weekend or so. Canada is a very picturesque country!

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