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Updated on 24 August, 2018

Expenses for MS in France

NOTE-1: The given views/statistics are indicative. Perceptions and experiences may vary from person-to-person.

NOTE-2: Here, EUR means “EUROS”.

Tuition fee:-

The average fee is around 260 EUR/year.

Students should pay more at some great schools which set their own fees (about 500-600 EUR per year).

Private universities charge annual tuition fees between 1,500 and 6,000 EUR.

Depending on whether they are public or private, the grandes écoles’ (great schools’) annual tuition fees range from 500 and can lead to 10,000 EUR.

Living expenses:-

The overall living costs in France depend on your lifestyle but most of all; they depend on your chosen location, mainly the French city you live in. As expected, Paris is the most expensive one.

Prices for accommodation are usually above the international average of 200 – 300 EUR/month.

The main housing options for students in France are:

Student halls of residence –between 150 and 600 EUR/month, depending on the university. Around 13% of international students live in student residences.

Share an apartment –between 400 and 700 EUR/month, while in smaller French cities you can rent a small apartment for about 300 EUR/month.

According to a survey regarding accommodation conditions in France, around 58% of the international students are satisfied, which is just a small percent below 60%, the average rate for Europe.


French food is delicious and the common conception is that it is expensive as well. However, food is not pricey all over France.

One person can expect to spend on average about 200 – 250 EUR/month on groceries in Paris, less in the provinces.

The average price for a meal in the least expensive restaurant costs between 15 and 20 EUR. 

More affordable options where you can have a meal anywhere in France are the bistros, brasseries and crepe stands. Some bistros serve substantial meals and a crepe can take the place of lunch and prices are from 2 to 5 EUR.


The price of a bus or metro ticket may vary from 1 – 1.70 EUR, but many cities offer discounts if you buy a weekly, monthly, or annual pass. A monthly pass on bus, metro or tram is usually somewhere between 17 and 33 EUR.

In Paris, the metro is the easiest way to travel and taxis are also relatively inexpensive, around 1.25 EUR/km and you would spend 7 – 10 EUR for a short journey. You can also use the TGV to visit other cities in France for around 20 – 25 EUR a trip.


You would have to pay a healthcare mutual insurance, which is from 20 to 50 EUR/month, according to the chosen cover.

The average amount you would have to pay for books or other learning material would be 50 EUR/month.

I would like to say one thing finally- Living in France is like a French kiss, once you get addicted, you can’t stay away from it!


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