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Updated on 28 May, 2018

Got your I20? What next?

First of all congratulations for securing an admit after months of hard work and efforts. This article will guide you from the scratch regarding the tasks to be carried out after receiving your I20. Now some of you might end up getting numerous admits and their I20’s. So your first and foremost task should be finalizing the university.

Now the next and probably the final hurdle in your journey as an MS in US aspirant will be getting your visa approved. It is not at all complex and troublesome as people consider it to be. Trust me on that. 
There are few simple steps you have to carry out to schedule your visa appointment.

1. Fill your DS160 :
DS160 is basically a form in which you provide all your details that your Visa Officer will need to go through while taking your interview. It will include basic stuff like your personal details, education details, work ex detail etc. Keep it in mind that DS160 is supposed to be filled with details which are true as per best of your knowledge. Make sure you fill all the relevant details as per your passport. You will need your SEVIS number handy, which will be printed on your i20’s right hand side top corner near barcode. It will be something like N1234567890. Create your application, fill the complete form and submit it. You will get a confirmation page. Save it. You will need its printout for your visa interview.
Link: https://ceac.state.gov/genniv/.

2. Schedule your Visa appointment :
To schedule your Visa appointment, first of all you need to create your account on www.ustraveldocs.com. Register your account and then fill up all the required basic details. After that you will be taken to the payment page. You have to pay $160 via NEFT/IMPS/Deposit at Axis bank. The payment instructions for all three modes will be given on that page. Once you make the payment, a payment receipt will be AUTOMATICALLY GENERATED after two-three business hours in the tab provided to enter receipt number on the very same payment page. There after you can proceed ahead and schedule your appointment. First you will have to select location for your interview and for collecting your passport. Then after selecting slot for your Visa interview followed by slot selection for your OFC.

Please note that you can reschedule your Visa Interview twice for free of cost.

3. SEVIS fees payment :
SEVIS fees is $200, which you have to pay and get its receipt before your Visa Interview. You can pay it via your credit card unlike Visa scheduling fees. Do note that it has nothing to do with scheduling your appointment so you can fill it any time before your VI. You will just need its payment receipt during your visa interview. Once you pay the fees, do save and print the SEVIS fees receipt. You can now also get it later on from the same page.

That’s it. You are all set to go for your visa interview. Simple, isn’t it?

Keep calm and nail it. Good luck !!

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