Updated on 26 May, 2018

Last day tips for GRE…!!

Scoring well in GRE is not a difficult task, if you study in a systematic way.
You need to have complete understanding about the exam, in order to get good score; generally many students get low scores on tests because they don’t take time to read the directions before answering the questions. Make sure you got the complete understanding of the question before answering it.

Spend more time on the starting questions, because these questions have bigger effect on your score than the questions at the end. You do not have negative marking for wrong answers in GRE, so never leave answers blank, In the middle of the GRE Test if you get stuck on any one question or if you are not sure about the answer of a question then go on eliminating the answers using educated guess, it narrows down your guess to two options sometimes one.

The test takers will be providing you scratch paper,so use it for those problems in which you are getting stuck . sketch those problems in which you are having problem to get an clear view of the question. Don’t stick to one question for too long. If you fail to answer that particular question after giving maximum time it will have a negative effect on the remaining questions from test and it can reduce your chances of good score. Always keep your eye on the clock, so see that you complete the test in time to avoid penalties.

Make sure that you reach the test center at least 30 minutes before the exam schedule with your passport and other required things. Some GRE centers are known to be very cold so don’t forget to bring jacket or something so that you will be able to concentrate on your test only.

Just one day before GRE exam relax , go for a novel or listen some songs so that u don’t feel tensed because in any exam last day preparation never helps, take complete rest in the night before the exam. A week before the exam try to solve all mock for getting used to this computer adaptive examination, and also for getting an idea of your score.

Don’t try to learn new words just two or three days before the exam .

Preparing for the GRE is a time consuming job, so just keep on practicing. However, after all your hard-work, you can be proud of your good score.

All the best…!!!

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