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Sending scores to universities after the GRE/TOEFL:

Hi guys. Been nearly a week since I could post any updates here.. Real sorry for that. I just had so many assignments to complete and hence I wasn't able to come here.. Its 1 o'clock in the morning here and I was able to sneak in a 15 mins break. So here I am talking shit again.. :P I have been approached by more than a 100 of you all. Feels nice that I could help you. If I was rude or unable to help properly, sincere apologies..

Anyways, coming to the topic, I guess a majority of you would have given you GRE and TOEFL. The next paragraph is only for those of you who have NOT GIVEN YOUR GRE/TOEFL YET:

Many of you might know this and many of you might not but GRE and TOEFL lets you send official scores to 4 universities for free. Let me first tell you what an official document is. An Official Document is something the university is very sure that you have not altered it in anyway. So when I say official score, it means that the body that conducts GRE and TOEFL, that is ETS, sends your score to the university directly at your request. You do not get a copy of the document that ETS sends. Now this service is priced at around $27 per university for GRE and $17 per university for TOEFL. However, both the exams lets you send scores to 4 universities free of cost. So here is what would be ideal to do:
1. Decide on the universities that you want to apply to
2. Check which of these universities require OFFICIAL SCORE for even considering your profile. Some universities ask you to upload unofficial scores for the time being and later ask for official scores if you are offered admission. But some universities insist on official scores and transcripts.
3. Once you realize which universities require the official scores, enter those university details to ETS when you take the exam. This way you can save some money for yourselves.

Now some general stuff.. Application process. This is one thing that I have been asked a lot. So I will explain here how I think one should approach this.

1. Once you decide the college list, go through it one university at a time. Don't rush through the application.
2. Get all the documents that you need in the ready-to-upload stage. 
3. Fill in all the details asked in the application. Basic details like Name, DOB, etc. 
4. Upload a "PDF" copy of your documents at all times. This is considered standard procedure and looks professional.
5. Have soft copies of all your documents so that you can upload any of them on demand
6. Enter the 3 people's contact info when asked for LORs and IMMEDIATELY INTIMATE THEM so that they dont loose track of it. You will be asked details about name and email ID for sure.. Make sure these are right.
7. Pay the application fee
8. Upload unofficial transcripts and scores if they ask for it. Some universities are stupid enough to ask for both at the same time :P

and............... wait.

That's right. Wait. You will have a long wait before you get your results. GRE is way more easier than the pressure of not knowing. Especially more so when people around you start getting admits and u don't. Just do not give up hope and wait for it. IT will Come. 
Cheers guys

All the best

PS: I know this is a really long post. Sorry about that. And sorry if I sounded rude to any of your questions. And don't mistake if I don't reply immediately.. I am a Masters student too unfortunately :P :P Take care. keep liking and commenting if u have any questions or queries. :)

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