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GRE Pattern and Scoring Structure

New Pattern for GRE:

The GRE Revised General Test consists in total of 6 sections. Analytical writing ( AWA ) is always the first section followed by 5 sections which consist of 2 Verbal Reasoning sections, 2 Quantitative Reasoning sections and, either an experimental or research section in any order. The research or the experimental section doesn’t count towards the final score and is unable to be distinguished from the rest of the sections since it contains questions similar to the verbal or quantitative section. The total test usually takes 3 hours 45 minutes and is a test of a student’s endurance.

The GRE exam is a section-wise adaptive exam in the sense that the difficulty of the second section of verbal and quantitative depends on the performance in their respective first sections. The first section is generally, of a medium level and consists of easy, medium and difficult questions. If you perform good/bad in the first section, depending on it, the second section will be difficult/easy for you. Also, the testing software allows one to move back and forth between questions in a single section and mark them for review later if time persists.


GRE Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA):

The AWA consists of 1 sections with two separately timed tasks - Issue and Argument, timed for half an hour each. Each section presents you with a question taken directly from the question pool, the answer to which is to be typed with the help of some word processing software developed by ETS.

Each response is graded by a  human as well as by a software. It has been said that the software’s score and the human grader’s score shouldn’t differ by more than one point. Moreover, it is to ensure that the human reader isn’t remiss (a good GRE word). Each essay is graded on a scoring of 0-6 with increments of 0.5 [For example, 4, 4.5, 5, etc]. The final score on the AWA section is the average of scores obtained on both essays.


GRE Verbal Reasoning :

The section-wise adaptive verbal reasoning assessment consists of 2 sections, each of which consists of 20 questions which are to be completed in 30 minutes. The question types with their count are as follows:

  • Text Completion - 6 questions
  • Sentence Equivalence - 4 questions
  • Reading Comprehension - 10 questions
  • Total number of questions in GRE Verbal - 20 questions in each

The Verbal section is graded on a scale of 130-170 with an increment of 1 point [For example, 162, 163, 164, etc]. So the highest GRE score for Verbal is 170 and the lowest is 130.


GRE Quantitative Reasoning:

The section-wise adaptive quantitative reasoning assessment consists of 2 sections, each of which consists of 20 questions which is to be completed in 35 minutes. The question types are as follows:

  • Problem Solving- 9 questions
  • Data Interpretation- 3 questions
  • Quantitative Comparison- 8 questions
  • Total number of questions in GRE Quant - 20 questions in each

The quantitative section is also graded on a scale of 130-170 with an increment of 1 point. So again highest GRE score for Quant is 170 and the lowest is 130.


Experimental or Research Section:

The experimental section is similar to verbal or quantitative section and is indistinguishable from the rest of the sections. The score for this section doesn’t count towards your final GRE score. Never ever try to guess as to whether a section will be experimental or not.  If you are lucky enough, you might get a research section instead of an experimental section.


What is the GRE out of:

Your final GRE score is the sum of the verbal and quantitative scores and therefore, GRE is out of 340, i.e., the max GRE score is 340. The AWA score is reported separately.

*For more information, visit https://www.ets.org/gre/revised_general/prepare/

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