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How To Prepare For GRE Revised General Test

Everyone has his/her own way of learning. However, this blog post gives you an approach on how to study for the GRE with the self-study method.

GRE Preparation Methods:

  1. Self-study
  2. Online Coaching Classes
  3. Offline Coaching Classes

If you are interested in the second or third options, then we recommend you to research and find out the best ones near you (or on the internet).


Get started with GRE Vocabulary:

In general, you need around 50 days, give or take a few. Usually, it starts with learning words with the help of GRE vocabulary 'flashcards' . You could also start with Yocket GRE Flashcards which is currently available on the Yocket App ( available on Android as well as iOS). If you're pretty consistent with reading newspapers, you definitely have an edge, considering you’ve probably come across a handful of vocabulary words already. In short, be quick with the meanings and its usage of the words.


GRE Preparation 30 days before the exam:

Once you are done with a considerable number of words, start solving the ETS Official Guide to the GRE, ETS Verbal Reasoning Practice Questions, ETS Quantitative Reasoning Practice Questions. Get the books from one of your friends who has already taken the GRE. Along with ETS, solve GRE BARRONS. It's one of the best books for GRE and teaches you a lot. Solve the quant section completely. It's fun to solve and is useful. This book will help you improve your speed for the GRE Quantitative section. It has 5 test papers. Solve them gradually.


GRE Practice Tests:

In the last 20-22 days, start taking the online practice test for GRE. There are hundreds of free online tests if you search on the internet and one can't solve them all. Hence, there are some standard mock tests that one needs to solve. Some of them are listed below.:

  • Kaplan GRE Practice Test (very important)
  • PowerPrep GRE (GRE level)
  • Princeton GRE Test
  • Cambridge GRE Test Prep
  • Kaplan GRE Practice Test: One of the most important tests - it has 6 sample tests each for verbal and quant and 3 Full-Length GRE Test. Kaplan Quant is really important and helpful, so be serious about it. Make sure you evaluate all your tests properly. With these mock GRE scores, use the Profile Evaluator and see where you stand. Repeat the process with different scores. Taking a test is not a big deal; learning from it is definitely one.  
  • PowerPrep GRE: You can download the PowerPrep software from the ETS Website which will be of a great help in your GRE preparation.  
  • Princeton GRE Test: Solve Princeton simultaneously along with Kaplan. Finish it off in a week or 10 days.  
  • Cambridge GRE Test Prep: It's an elementary test and it helps you get acquainted with the adaptive exams on the screen. You need a maximum of two days.


GRE AWA Preparation:

Study for your AWA (essay) 5-8 days prior to "the" day (though we suggest that reading and solving essays right from day one can help you get a very high score). Read some essays from Barron’s, the method to write it and take any topic from these tests and write it down. Exchange the essays amongst your friends so you'll get an idea how well they write. Solve the PowerPrep tests completely along with the essays to get an idea of your patience level. Take our word, a full test is quite long!  


GRE Quant Preparation:

Quant at the first glance might seem simple but it isn’t so simple as to be neglected. Engineers can give less time for math as they’ll be familiar with many of the topics, but remember that the split score matters a lot, so a minimum of 160 is like a 'must' for engineers. The rest are advised to solve as many questions as they can. Solve some renowned professors notes, Kaplan book (not the adaptive computer exam) and any other notes as and when you get time during your preparation.  It definitely varies with every student on how they go about Quant, but the one mentioned above is how it is generally followed.

A lot of study resources are available on the internet for free and one might be overwhelmed by looking at all of them at once. Here is compilation of the free resources so that you could choose the ones that best suit your level of preparations and comfortability.

  1. ETS Official PowerPrep Tests: These tests straight from the test makers can help you prepare for the computer-delivered GRE Revised General test. Give them in timed conditions to get a feel for the actual exam.

  2. Yocket GRE Flashcards: Yocket GRE flashcards cover about 600 GRE words and could be used to kickstart your GRE preparation. At the time of writing this, these are available only their Android app.

  3. Magoosh GRE Flashcards: Magoosh GRE flashcards cover more than 1000 GRE words. You could either use the desktop version or download the app.

  4. Manhattan GRE Practice Test: Manhattan is a trusted preparation resource for preparing for the GRE.

  5. Khan Academy: This website will be helpful to students who have been, away from their school for a while. It offers great explanation to math concepts.  

  6. ETS Official Issue Pool and Argument Pool : For the Analytical Writing, section on the GRE, you will presented with a topic each taken from this pool of topics.

  7. Magoosh E-books are also a good starting point for GRE preparation. It offers a good introduction to the GRE and provides insightful tips.

  8. Quizlet.com and vocabulary.com are good websites for improving your GRE vocabulary. Quizlet allows you to create your own flashcards. Vocabulary.com quizzes you on questions and helps one to learn new words.

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Inspirus Education: Great article ...and thanx for sharing free resources for study materials always helpful. If anyone wants to know the good GRE score here is a link which I read after this article http://www.inspiruseducation.com/good-gre-score/ .

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