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Is it Worth to Retake GMAT ?

If you are reading this article, I assume you have already taken your GMAT once or more than once and aren’t satisfied with the GMAT score. All puzzled with the question or decision of whether to retake or not to retake GMAT? Let me remind you once that B Schools do not depend on the GMAT scores solely, but also also consider various other parameters too before enrolling a student. This article is a helping hand in solving your puzzled brain because I know how daunting it can be to go through the whole process of retaking GMAT.

What actually went wrong on the Day?
Panic? pressure? Was my preparation not enough? Was my preparation method wrong?

First and foremost you need to analyze where did you actually go wrong the last time, was it the whole process of the preparation, or did something go wrong on the specific day of the exam ?

  • If your approach of preparing for the GMAT the second (or third, or fourth…) time around will pretty much be the same, then don’t bother. But if you tried studying for the GMAT on your own the first time but plan to take a GMAT prep course this time, then there’s reason to expect a different outcome. Shake things up a little and get some outside help if you want better results.
  • Or was it the exam stress that lead to panic, that you couldn’t give your best on the exam day? Then I suggest, maybe you should try employing some new methods or start practicing more and more mock tests that are available online. For example, you can go through the article of How to prepare for GMAT and GMAT Preparation guide.
  • And  if you lead to the conclusion that your preparation wasn’t enough or you did not get enough time to prepare, then it is ofcourse worth retaking GMAT.

Is it worth retaking GMAT? Can you actually afford it?
-Time - Can you actually invest time.

  • You cannot just jump into the conclusion just after thinking of what you could have done to get better GMAT scores. So, now when you have thought of your preparation strategy and you are almost ready to retake GMAT, consider your thoughts once over the question “can you actually afford it?”. By affording i mean both time and money matters. Ask yourself again and again do you have enough patience to start over fresh once again ? Because I understand It is easy advicing than practicing, it’s you who needs to go through all of it. Also, consult with your parents about all the expenses. If all the points go hand in hand you can go for your thoughts on retaking GMAT is absolutely worthy.

- Do  you have that much money to give it again - At times, you might need to chuck your job, are willing or can afford to stay away from the job market and fully invest your time and money in preparation.

  • Aiming or dreaming of joining a top US B school or European B School needs a great a deal of strategy. So, for some of you or most of you who have planned it well must be already working by now? Have you given a thought over retaking GMAT at the expense of your job is highly advisable. You may have to flip your job for it. Are you ready to fully invest your time in the whole process? Can you afford to stay away from the job market and start studying all over again or afford leaving your job money wise?  

- By how much score did you miss your dream university? - For average and below average profiles.

  • Now comes the score. By how much score did you miss your dream University? Is your GMAT score between 650-700. When you aimed for a 720 and could only receive a 680, you tend to curse yourself in disappoint because you think you missed your dream university for 10 or 20 points. But, there’s no way you underestimate yourself, because most of the candidates retake GMAT and records say they get hike of 10-20 points usually. So, analyze the above points and go for retaking GMAT, you can surely achieve your goals.


- Are you sure whether you will be able to prevent the things happened in previous exam from happening again.

  • And when you have taken care of all the matters, ask yourself again, are you confident enough that you can prevent all the negative points that took place the last time ? That you can overcome your weaknesses, and you can avoid repeating the mistakes that stopped you from achieving your goals? With a positive answer, you are all set to retake GMAT.

When is it not worth retaking GMAT?

There also comes the time when it is not worth retaking GMAT and go through that same daunting process again and again just because you are not satisfied from your outcomes. There may be possibilities that you can go ahead without going through the pain of retaking GMAT. If you are couldn’t agree on points that state retaking GMAT is actually worth it, you are reading this. And you already exhale a sigh of relief !

-It’s okay to score very good and just good scores too as you still have the chance to get into your dream university. Make your profile compelling.

  • If you’re a top scorer that is if you have scored above 700, you absolutely need not think twice. Because you are one step closer to achieving your dreams already. But, there are things other just your GMAT score that you need to care of now, that is your overall profile. To make an impressive overall profile, you need an attractive SOP, a sober amount of recommendations, a good TOEFL score and the most important part of having a fair amount of experience.

-Number of times you have applied.  

  • Have you already applied more than once and inspite of a good preparation and a well mock test result, you score the almost same every time? If it’s already 4-5 times by now, you can always reconsider the thought of retaking GMAT, but it’s time you need to think logically and have a realistic expectation.  

You still have other options to focus other than retaking GMAT.

  • For the ones who have scored a below average GMAT score which is around 600-650 or below 600, go through all the aforementioned points, ask the above questions to yourself and think logically about retaking GMAT. Because, at the end of the day it is you who has to deal with all the factors. But, if you are disheartened thinking that your dreams of studying in a US or European B school out of hands, then it is advisable to focus on the options or factors other than GMAT. You still have options of going for universities that have criterias that do not focus on GMAT scores. Prepare for them. Also, there are great universities other than the top ones that have great faculty, infrastructure, and financial aids. Focus on European B schools as they have shorter course considering candidates who go with good work experiences. Prepare for an attractive SOP, a great set of recommendations, a good TOEFL score and you are good to go.

But if you are planning  to retake, you can refer GMAT Preparation Blog.

When you are all set to achieve your goals remember to perform your best in the PI round, overcome all your weaknesses , give your best and shine bright Folks !

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