Yocket Editorial Team
on 04 September, 2018

Job Opportunities in Canada for International Students

As a student in Canada, once you have completed the first six months of your masters, you can get a permit to work part-time, off-campus for up to 20 hours a week. During semester breaks you are...

Aditya Ghatmale
on 20 March, 2017

All you need to know about OPT

OPT, or Optional Practical Training is an employment opportunity for international students based in USA. OPT gives you additional training in your chosen field in form of a paid work which can be...

Aditya Ghatmale
on 17 March, 2017

All about Assistantships (RA / TA)

Assistantship is a kind of grant which is a little bit difficult to live with as it requires your time of the day on physical work while you apply your brain in studies. Assistantships is that...

Vineel Chandra
on 03 August, 2016

3 options after masters in the US

NOTE: The views/statistics are indicative here. Perceptions may vary from person-to-person. FINDING A JOB:- For this, you will need a work visa (H1B in the US). Getting a job in the US,...

Vibha Kagzi
on 07 August, 2015

Build your network, Shrink the Universe

5 Reasons to Build your network and Shrink the Universe Networking is a skill that does not come naturally to everyone; people approach it with a variety of attitudes and notions. Some think of...

Jane Copland
on 10 July, 2015

Freelancing: Key Part-time Commitment for College Students

  What could be more inviting than working from home? You can work at your own leisure, and that too while sitting on your favorite chair. No long working hours to keep and no...

Yocket Editorial Team
on 06 July, 2015

Job prospects in U.S

1. Aerospace/Aeronautical Engineering According to U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics a Aerospace engineer Performs engineering duties in designing, constructing, and testing aircraft, missiles, and...

Sid Thatham
on 07 May, 2015

On-campus Networking

Majority of the students who study in the US are abroad for the first time and have never lived away from family and friends. It’s natural to look for a support system comprising of students...

Returns Of Doing Masters Abroad

Ever-increasing tuition fees has necessitated students to look for courses and decide on schools that guarantee rewarding jobs and ensure a stable future. Whether your decision to pursue a master...

Imperial Overseas (Hiren Rathod)
on 07 February, 2014

Break The Monotony!!!

In a typical house with a new born child, the parents have already half decided the fate of their child, ‘This one shall be a doctor’ and ‘Mine will be an engineer’! At...