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Things to know about Student Work in Germany

Legally, you can work for 120 full days each year or 240 half days with a German Student Visa. If you are lucky to get a job as a student assistant or research assistant at your university, you can even exceed the 120-day limit.

The Rules:

  1. Students from the EU can work for up to 20 hours per week without the need for a work permit. In all other cases, you must inform the Alien Registration Office (Agentur für Arbeit) if you do wish to work.
  2. The minimum wage is 8.84 euros an hour (raised in 2017) and students make about 450 euros a month.
  3. For anyone earning less than 450 euros a month, there is no income tax to be paid. Research assistants need to pay no taxes at all.
  4. It is advised that students don’t work for more than 20 hours a week, not only because it is illegal but also it raises the health insurance cost.

What are the documents required for seeking Visa after your Graduation?

  • Passport
  • University degree certificate or official document from your university confirming that you successfully completed your studies
  • Document proving you have health insurance
  • Proof that you have means of supporting yourself financially

For how long can I stay in Germany after my course?

International students with a residence permit can extend their stay and seek work for up to 18 months after graduating provided that the job is related to their field of study. Graduates from EU/EEA countries can stay on to seek work without any restrictions or permits. After two years of employment in Germany, once can try applying for a permanent residency status. It is not essential but definitely beneficial to be proficient in the German language when seeking work in Germany.

Which are the highest paid jobs and average salaries in Germany?


Average Salary per year in Euros





Industrial Engineering


Other Engineering


Maths and Computer Science


Pure Science


Business and Economics



What do you fetch in the jobs in the Arts field?


Average Salary per year in Euros



Philosophy and the Humanities







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