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Updated on 28 May, 2018

Job prospects in USA after Masters in Mechanical & related courses

In the midst of preparation for masters and the lengthy, hectic procedure of applying to shortlisted universities, candidates often spare little time to research on job prospects after the masters than it deserves. Needless to say, it is one of the most important tasks to be done.

A cursory look at some general statistics can give us a basic idea of jobs in America. When seen in perspective,

  • GDP of America in 2016 - 18 trillion USD
  • Population of America in 2016 - 323.1 million
  • GDP of India in 2016 - 2.264 trillion USD
  • Population of India in 2016 - 1.31 billion

Looking at GDP to population ratio, you might have got an idea how USA has largest capacity to accommodate jobs than any other country as it has highest GDP which comprises of 29% of total world's GDP. Wealth creation is thus a tad bit easier than in any other country due to its sheer size and volume in the world economy. This makes the US a solid absorber of talent in the STEM field and which is exactly why STEM graduates are allowed to stay back in the US for 2 years extra.

Now coming to jobs in mechanical field, number of jobs for international students in mechanical in year 2017 alone are about 9700 with the average salary of $ 51,800. But if you graduate from top universities, you can definitely expect more salary than that of average, about $70,000 to $100000.

Let's have a look which industries recruit most number of employees,

  1. Architectural, Engineering and similar services.
  2. Research and development services.
  3. Automobile parts manufacturing.
  4. Navigational, measuring, control instruments fabrication.
  5. Semiconductor and other electronic components.

This information is important because while deciding the specialization in masters, you should also consider these factors as pursuing masters in US and returning back to your country immediately is not considered as very good idea.

Now you must be interested to know about specific companies rather than generalized industries. Following are the major companies in mechanical field that recruit significant number of international students.

  1. Engineering and tech associates - 326 international recruits in 2017
  2. Cummins - 242 international recruits in 2017
  3. Tech Mahindra - 228 international recruits in 2017
  4. Cyient - 222 international recruits in 2017
  5. L&T - 208 international recruits in 2017
  6. Tesla Motors - 175 international recruits in 2017
  7. HCL America – 151 international recruits in 2017
  8. Altair product design -156 international recruits in 2017

One very important factor that students might overlook is the location of university in the country. Note that the mid-west is the major job market in mechanical field with the highest concentration of jobs. Your location will definitely make a huge difference when it comes to seeking job. Following are the states with most number of jobs in mechanical field,

  1. Wisconsin
  2. Mississippi
  3. Michigan
  4. Utah
  5. Connecticut
  6. Illinois
  7. Indiana
  8. California
  9. Texas

While most want to settle in the US, it is not possible for all to get that opportunity. A few lucky ones manage to be transferred by their company to their Indian offices and this is exactly what one should aim for if not a permanent residency. It is not a bad deal at all as it gives you a certain advantage in the job market over other domestic candidates with your American degree and advanced hands on learning experience. Ultimately, what you learn in those 5 years (2 years of Masters education and 3 years of work experience) will take you forward.

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