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Should I Prefer Consultancy Services?

Before you hear your classmate or any colleague talking about any counsellor, ask yourself the following questions -

Is Counselling Necessary?

If you feel an education consultant or a counsellor is going to reduce your work, then you are highly mistaken. You still have to do all the hard work; they just guide you along the way. It is a form of spoon feeding, no doubt about it.

Don’t get carried away by their tempting talks as they give you a lot of hope before joining them and in the end you may find that you didn’t get all that was promised.

Who should NOT join a counsellor?

  • If you are too lazy to do your work and may think that a counsellor will save your day.
  • If you think joining a counsellor guarantees admission.
  • If you think joining a counsellor guarantees obtaining visa, scholarships and financial aid.
  • If you are scared that your application to the USA will go through a lot of problems if you work alone.

If you fall in the above mentioned categories (which usually you will), then you SHOULD NOT make the counsellors rich.

Who should join a counsellor?

  • If English writing skills are weak. Basically if you are not good at writing and don’t have a hold over the language.
  • If you want assurance about your application procedure (what you are doing is right).
  • If you don’t have any people (seniors, relatives, friends) to consult with.
  • If you are unaware of the various courses available and do not know which course you want to apply (though our Courses & Universities will surely serve the purpose). Also the counsellor will help you in narrowing down the schools which you should apply for your course.

How will I manage work without a counsellor?

Ideally, your seniors are the best counselors. If someone from friends & relatives has gone for an MS, even better. Consultancies will provide you with a standard list of universities which is more or less the same for everybody. The list is (most of the times) irrespective of the course, which you could have prepared on your own. Again, before you feel that a counsellor can fit in your shoes and get you the best university, we suggest you take a look at Yocket's Profile Evaluator tool which predicts chances of based on your profile.

Tip: E-mail your profile to the seniors from your respective department and follow their opinion.

The university online application forms are extremely simple and are more or less the same for all the universities. They are the “Apply Yourself” forms. You have to read the instructions properly which even a seven-year old can understand!

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