Prodigy Finance (Rishabh Goel)
on 12 October, 2018

The 7 stages of your International education loan

The sheer joy of receiving an admit is coupled with the realisation that most students require additional funding (beyond savings and family support) to cover the Cost of Attendance (CoA) for a...

Yocket Editorial Team
on 05 October, 2018

InCred - Study Abroad Education Loan

InCred is one such NBFC that grants you loan to help you reach your goal by funding your expenses. It is a new-age financial services platform that leverages technology and data-science to make...

Yocket Editorial Team
on 03 October, 2018

Avanse - Study abroad education loan

Avanse is a new age education finance company and an associate company of Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Limited (DHFL). They are an advanced private finance company specializing in the niche...

Yocket Editorial Team
on 01 October, 2018

HDFC Credila - Study abroad education loan

HDFC Credila, an HDFC Ltd.Company is India's First Dedicated Education Loan Company. HDFC Credila Financial Services became India's First Dedicated Education Loan Company by pioneering the...

Yocket Editorial Team
on 27 September, 2018

Prodigy Finance - Study abroad education loan

Prodigy Finance began 10 years back in 2007 with three INSEAD students who recognized that traditional banks don’t serve the needs of international borrowers such as requiring collateral,...

Yocket Editorial Team
on 25 September, 2018

MPower Financing - Study abroad education loan

MPower tackles financial constraints of the students who are aspiring to study abroad by working with investors and universities to provide an innovative and forward-looking education financing...

Yocket Editorial Team
on 24 September, 2018

Axis Bank - Study abroad Education loan

With 3,703 branches and 9 international offices, Axis Bank is the third largest of the private-sector banks in India offering a comprehensive suite of financial products. It sells financial...

Yocket Editorial Team
on 17 September, 2018

How to Finance Your UG?

When you apply to colleges abroad for an undergraduate degree, which usually takes up 3-4 years for completion, you prepare yourself mentally for years of debt for you and your parents. Well, there...

Prodigy Finance (Rishabh Goel)
on 14 September, 2018

True cost of an Education Loan

If you’re like the majority of students, you’ll need an education loan to transform your dream into a reality. And, you’ll need to get into the specifics and understand your loan...

Prodigy Finance (Rishabh Goel)
on 04 September, 2018

What's Annual Percentage Rate for Education Loan & 9 other FAQs

You asked and we’ve answered. Here are the top ten questions you asked during Education Loan options webinar with Prodigy Finance. 1. How can Prodigy Finance offer education loans without...