Prashant Patil
2 days, 8 hours ago

Study abroad in the US | Pre - Departure Expenses

When it comes to applying abroad for pursuing masters the first deterrent is money. Due to lack of enough funds, many students drop the thought of applying to such universities though they have...

Prashant Patil
1 week, 3 days ago

From Applications to Admits - The journey

It's December and many of you might have got admits for Spring from different universities. Now this is the time when every MS aspirant gets confused about selecting one university among...

Yocket Editorial Team
on 02 December, 2017

Course Watch - Cloud Computing and Web Technologies | Computer Science

Cloud Computing & Web Technologies are strongly related to the general fields of computer sciences and business and technology. They are more specialized in areas such as IT Security...

MPower Financing
on 22 November, 2017

Find out your Chance of Getting into US Graduate Schools

As a graduate student, I know the process of looking into which school and program one should apply to is a long and arduous one. For example, you probably don’t know the ideal GRE score...

Niyati Chopra
on 22 November, 2017

Target Top 25 Universities : Computer Science

Computer Science, probably the most sought-after field for a Master's degree and also the most competitive one! So, what do you need to do in order to be a teensy bit more confident that you...

Ahsaas Verma
on 02 November, 2017

Graduate destinations after Masters in Media

No one can deny that in today’s modern day world every work requires a pinch of ‘Creativity’. One cannot simply tag an occupation – like HR or Teaching as boring and...

Yocket Editorial Team
on 01 November, 2017

Using the Grad School Finder

Follow these 3 easy steps to get a list of Ambitious/Moderate and Safe Universities in under a minute! Step 1 - Interested Course, the GRE and Language requirements Get started with...

Prashant Patil
on 31 October, 2017

MS Story : From vernacular schooling to top University

Can a student who completed his schooling from a Marathi medium school that too in a village, be able to go for a MS in the US? Is it possible that you stay away from the city among a crowd of...

Niyati Chopra
on 26 October, 2017

Ireland, the next Silicon Valley?

Masters in Computer Science from Ireland. Why Ireland though? How Ireland out of the blue? Actually, Ireland has recently come up to be one of the strongest centers for CS and DS. It is also...

on 24 October, 2017

How International Students can Avail In-State Tuition Fees?

Tuition fees are the primary concern for international masters Aspirants to study in universities of United States of America. Universities have different structures in the tuition fee for both...