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Studying In Germany - A Career Option!

In recent times Germany has become one of the top countries as a destination for higher education. With almost no tuition fees and high quality education taught 100% in English, Germany has become...

Yocket Editorial Team
2 weeks, 1 day ago

What does it take to get into Harvard

Yocket Team interviewed Abhijith Asok who got into Harvard for data science programme. Here's an excerpt, Q. Did you expect that you would get through Harvard? A. Much like most of...

Pradeep Borate
on 06 April, 2017

MS in USA: Stages, Heroes and Villains!

Hello All, I usually do not write a blog that frequently. My grammar might be wrong in some instances but all I am writing today because Mr. Sumeet Jain from Yocket requested me to put my...

What NOT to do in The US…

I want you to remember the look in the eyes of your loved ones when you board your flight to depart to the land you’re your dreams, and sore, not only physically, but also in terms of...

GRE/GMAT and Life Lessons

Preparing and taking a competitive test like the GRE/GMAT helps us to progress in many ways in our lives. Maybe ETS also had it in mind when they made this Test. Here are a few Life lessons that...

Aditya Ghatmale
on 21 March, 2017

MBA in India vs MS in US

Eenie, meeny, miny, moe…MBA or MS for which one should I go? I’m sure this is your situation in such a choice right now. Eventually the pressure boils down to this question after 4th...

Aditya Ghatmale
on 20 March, 2017

All you need to know about OPT

OPT, or Optional Practical Training is an employment opportunity for international students based in USA. OPT gives you additional training in your chosen field in form of a paid work which can be...

Aditya Ghatmale
on 17 March, 2017

All about Assistantships (RA / TA)

Assistantship is a kind of grant which is a little bit difficult to live with as it requires your time of the day on physical work while you apply your brain in studies. Assistantships is that...

Collegepond Counsellors
on 10 February, 2017

Impact of Trump’s policies on Indians aspiring for higher education in the US

There is a mass hysteria prevailing in the international students’ community in view of the recent Executive Order on Temporary Immigration Ban on seven countries and proposed changes to the...

Yocket Editorial Team
on 14 November, 2016

President elect Donald Trump- A student's perspective

For so many students in India who aspire to pursue their higher education in America, the election verdict on Wednesday afternoon was a letdown. The general atmosphere was as if Trump would throw...