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Essentials in US

Credit Card:

International students need to start as early as possible to build up credit-worthiness, and with the right student credit card, you can! The earlier you start building credit, the better off you'll be in the long run. In the near-term, you need a credit card to get the best price on basic necessities, such as an apartment, a cell phone, and utilities. Over the long-term, you'll need an established credit history to buy a car or a new home. When you look back, you'll be glad you started early.

credit cards


Welcome to America! Jump start your educational endeavors, and enjoy your social well-being with the right smartphone and student offer that gives you freedom on: texting, talking, learning, exploring, playing, banking, and shopping. Since you'll spend so much time on your phone doing so many different things, it makes sense to get the best smartphone at the best price. With SelfScore, you can get the latest iPhone or Android phone at deep discounts with no deposit required.


Health Insurance:

You never know when you will get sick or have an accident and need to see a doctor. The average cost of a trip to the emergency room is $700 and getting tests or prescriptions can push that cost well over $1000. So getting insurance not only protects your health, it also protects your pocketbook.

health insurance

Renters Insurance:

SelfScore, through GradGuard, offers ideal option for college students and young adults looking for personal property and liability protection from one product. GradGuardTM's Renters Insurance offers world wide coverage for your property with replacement cost, which ensures that you will be able to replace your belongings, not just receive what your old ones were worth. Plus, your electronics, such as your phone and tablet, are covered up to the property policy limits. With deductibles starting at just $100 and our monthly payment plan, Renters Insurance from GradGuardTM is relevant, flexible and easy to afford.

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Traditional credit scores such as FICO undervalue students due to lack of credit history. At SelfScore, our mission is to serve this deserving but underserved p


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