Vineel Chandra
on 03 August, 2016


The TOEFL offers only academic English, while the IELTS offers a general test also. This test is more preferred for immigration purposes to the UK and Canada. And overall, the IELTS has more of a...

Vineel Chandra
on 03 August, 2016

TOEFL- my experience

After thinking a lot between TOEFL and IELTS, I preferred TOEFL. Then read somewhere that Official Guide is a must have for TOEFL test takers. So I ordered it over Flipkart, but the book remained...

Vineel Chandra
on 03 August, 2016

TOEFL: Anisha’s study plan

Cracked it finally! I managed a 117/120 (R28, L23, S29, W30) and am quite happy with that. Here are few tips and study plan, but follow them at your own risk! Don’t be too lazy to take...

Vineel Chandra
on 03 August, 2016

112/120- My TOEFL story…

Hi guys, My TOEFL score was: 112(30, 28, 24, 30). Hope my story helps you in the test preparation. The people at the test center were very nice; we had the opportunity to chat with each...

Vineel Chandra
on 03 August, 2016

TOEFL book reviews….!!

DISCLAIMER: I gave this review by considering many students’ opinions and views, not solely mine. I gathered all those lines at one place. Test of English as a Foreign Language...

Is IELTS compulsory in all cases?

India as a country is multilingual. In spite of English used as the official language for business and most commonly used for academics, our national language of Hindi classifies India as a...


When you are striving to become part of a globally renowned university, you do not want to leave anything on a stroke of luck. Higher education aspirants from countries where English is not the...

Yocket Editorial Team
on 17 April, 2014

The TOEFL Break-Down

The test of English as foreign Language (TOEFL) helps in testing your English abilities. It’s pretty natural that university would want to know the level of English you have and if the standard of...

Sneha Venkateswar
on 29 September, 2013

The Lazy TOEFL Preparation Guide

Never ever write things like "Alright TOEFL, I shall kick your ass tomorrow. Amen" as your Facebook status no matter how hilarious or serious you are. That's just inviting bad...

on 10 August, 2013

That's How I Tackled TOEFL

I am a final year B.Tech Biomedical Engineering student from VIT Vellore. My current CGPA is 8.77. I am planning to apply for PhD and I am interested in neuroimaging in psychiatric and...