on 06 April, 2017

Communication solves problems

So this article is in continuity to my Facebook post on the MS in US Fall 2017 group. Just to brief you readers, I am Hrishikesh, an Industrial engineering aspirant for Fall 2017...

Biruda IGradGlobal
on 07 February, 2017

Does work experience really matter to your admit ??

Aspiring for that dream admit in a top 50 globally reputed university, always wondered what gets you there Here are the admission criteria: Academic Performance Entrance Exam score -...

Biruda IGradGlobal
on 07 February, 2017

Short listing universities for Global Studies – the science behind it ..

While aspiring for that dream admit, did you wonder about how to rummage through the maze of universities, which university is best for you, will you really make it there given your current...

Education USA @ USIEF
on 13 January, 2017

Shortlisting Universities to Find Your Right Fit

Choosing and researching a U.S. University is one of the most significant decisions a student needs to make when planning on studying in the U.S. Often, students do not give this step its due...

Education USA @ USIEF
on 23 December, 2016

Tips to write your application essay for MS programs in the U.S.

Essays are a great opportunity to demonstrate your interests and express personal strengths in a college or university applications. Student written documents including essays - parts of the...

on 04 October, 2016

No. of universities to apply to!

Hi guys. Hope you all are doing well.. I had a pretty decent response to the last post. But again I had a lot of questions on how to choose universities and how many should one apply to. So I...

on 04 October, 2016

SOP: Statement Of Purpose

Hi again guys. Ever since that post an hour back, I have been literally bombarded with questions mostly about SOP. So I thought I'll post my answer here. Please note that this is just my...

on 04 October, 2016

Between Application and Admission:

Hi guys. Hope you all are doing good.. A lot of people are doing your GRE right about now and probably will start application process in sometime. To all of you, my best wishes. I have spoken...

Nistha (Scholar Strategy)
on 04 August, 2015

Do MOOCs (online courses) help in MS applications?

Do MOOCs (online courses) help in MS applications? Many students wonder if doing online courses or getting a certificate will help in their MS application or not. You can look at improving...

Collegepond Counsellors
on 12 May, 2015

How to prepare for university interview?

You are a bundle of nerves as the day of your university interview is drawing near. The fact that you have managed to come so far is a testament of your potential. If you want to perform...