List of Top Courses to Study Abroad in 2019

There are plenty of options available for masters. They can be specific towards one subject or even be interdisciplinary. This is because of the open approach to education in many major countries.

While Technology related (Computer Science, Embedded Systems, Computer Engineering, ECE, etc.) remain the most popular MS options in USA and Canada, Management courses rank a close second. MBA being the most sought after management course is growing slower as compared to more open study options such as MS in Finance.

Europe remains popular for students studying Philosophy and arts but is rapidly picking up interest from students from technical and management fields as well.

These trends keep changing annually and the best way to find out what you really want to do is by doing research. Here is a list of Masters options available. Click on the links to open their course descriptions (in a simplified language) about the course and related specialisations. Also, we've included a list of Best Universities for the particular course where getting admission is a little difficult and Moderate Universities which we feel you can aim for.

MS Courses, Business Courses and MBA with specialisations: