Masters in Cyber Security

What is Cyber Security

Cybersecurity is the protection of computer systems from theft of or damage to its hardware, software or data. It involves controlling physical access to system to protect against malicious attack, and other malpractices.

The field is growing due to increasing dependence on computer systems, internet and wireless networks such as wifi, bluetooth, etc and also due to growing smart devices like smartphones, television, and various small devices that constitute the internet of things.

Requirements to Study Cyber Security

Most of the universities in the USA, Canada require you to give the GRE. Few universities from Germany require GRE scores. However, GRE is not required for admission to Australian universities. IELTS or TOEFL is compulsory for acquiring student visa and as a proof of English proficiency.

Core Subjects in Cyber Security

A cyber security student studies about various technologies that are used by the industry to prevent malevolent attacks on computer systems. Few subjects include:

  • Advanced persistent threat
  • Advertising network
  • Analytics
  • Bulletproof hosting
  • Browser security
  • Certificate authority
  • Computer ethics
  • Computer forensics
  • Computer insecurity
  • Computer security
  • Computer security policy
  • Cryptography
  • Cybercrime
  • Cyber-collection
  • Cyber ShockWave
  • Cyber spying
  • Cyber security standards

Specialisations in Cyber Security

Specialization topics include:

  • Usable Security
  • Software Security
  • Cryptography
  • HardwareSecurity

Cost of Studying Cyber Security

Although the fees vary from university to university, the average tuition cost for master’s studies in Cyber Security engineering in the US are $37, 000/year. Average living costs vary upto $8900/year. They are almost the same in Canada. In Australia, average tuition costs are A$40000 / year and the average living costs are A$8,500/year.

Job Prospects after Masters in Cyber Security

2019 Top Universities for Masters in Cyber Security

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Stanford University
Harvard University
Rice University
University of California – Berkeley
Princeton University
University of California, Santa Barbara
University of Texas at Austin

More Universities to target for Cyber Security in 2019