Masters in Management (MIM)

What is Management (MIM)

The Master in Management (MIM) is a postgraduate master’s degree awarded to students who normally complete a one- to two-year program of graduate level coursework in business management at an accredited academic institution. As the program is designed for students interested in entering leadership roles, the degree attracts applicants from diverse academic disciplines.

The main difference between MBA and MIM is that MIM helps graduates to start to a career while MBA helps young professionals to improve their management career. Masters in Management is for those who are young and want to learn more beyond their bachelor degree. MBA, on the other hand, is for those who have already started their careers and need more knowledge to excel in it.

Requirements to Study Management (MIM)

Business schools require you to give the GMAT which forms the most important part of your application. Few universities also accept GRE scores in place of GMAT scores. They also require a minimum 2-3 years of work experience (depending on the program you intend to join). IELTS or TOEFL is compulsory for acquiring student visa and as a proof of English proficiency.

Core Subjects in Management (MIM)

The MIM program structure is similar to that of the MBA, MA in Management and MS in Management degrees. Various subjects include:

  • Accounting
  • Intercultural business practices
  • Business law
  • Corporate communications
  • Corporate finance
  • Economics
  • Energy
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Ethical decision making
  • Financial reporting
  • Human resource management
  • Information technology
  • International business
  • Investments
  • Leadership and motivation
  • Marketing
  • Marketing research
  • Operational research

Specialisations in Management (MIM)

Specialization topics include:

  • Finance, Accounting and Management Control
  • International Business
  • International Sales Management
  • Entrepreneurship: Technology and digital economy
  • Sustainability
  • Business consulting
  • Creativity marketing management

Cost of Studying Management (MIM)

Although the fees vary from university to university, the average tuition cost for masters in management in the US are $37,000/year. Average living costs vary upto $8900/year. Tuition fees are around C$32000 in Canada. In Australia, average tuition costs are A$40000 / year and the average living costs are A$8,500/year.

Job Prospects after Masters in Management (MIM)

United States$42,228 - $126,658$73,190
United Kingdom£25,120 - £68,948£38,904
SwitzerlandNACHF 137,569
SingaporeS$50,418 - S$202,304S$77,564
New ZealandNZ$56,394 - NZ$142,880NZ$80,314
Netherland€22,257 - €123,142€58,958
Ireland€35,802 - €88,232€54,963
Germany€34,905 - €110,126€63,285
CanadaC$44,252 - C$108,364C$72,251
AustraliaAU$58,155 - AU$146,553AU$90,377

2019 Top Universities for Masters in Management (MIM)

The University of British Columbia, Vancouver
University of Mannheim
London Business School
University of Lausanne
HEC Paris
University of Sydney
IÉSEG School of Management, Lille - Paris, France
The University of Chicago
Stanford University
Babson College
University of Pennsylvania
Carnegie Mellon University

More Universities to target for Management (MIM) in 2019