Pawan Singh
on 08 February, 2019 at 12:03 PM

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Hi Fellow Yocketeers, for quite some time now we've all been troubled by @sanch77 with her spamming everywhere. I would like to request everyone who has been troubled by her to report her profile to Yocket. Just for the sake for gaining publicity I don't want her to ruin someone's career by giving false guidance. She had a different profile before with the name of Sagar Chowdhury. Well TBH I don't know whether it's a he or a she.
Doesn't matter. I urge everyone to report her @sanch77 profile to Yocket.

To put a cherry on top Send me a proof of you reporting her to Yocket on 8850153904 and I'll give you access to a Princeton account :P

For people who joined in the last 5 minutes might not be aware of her but I'm guessing everyone else is. If you're not then let me tell you, apparently she is a counselor and has many counseling partners. ( Her words not mine and only GOD know what it means) A counselor who doesn't know how to communicate in English ( don't just take my words you can go to my profile and read the comments on my post) . A counselor who guides students to join Fake Universities. She makes groups under the pretense that she will help them only to accomplish her goal of sending students to *JUGGAD* universities. Well since she is a fake counselor she gives a crappy guidance and some students who are innocent ruin their career. and to people who say that they don't agree with her/him gets abused and gets kicked out of the group. People have personally texted me making me aware of what he does after reading my arguments against her.

I urge everyone to report her profile to Yocket.


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