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Attend EducationUSA Bangalore's Pre-Departure Orientation Fall 2019

The resource expert, alumni and current students studying in U.S. Universities will cover topics including:

  1. Using networking opportunities during your U.S. education to further your career goals!
  2. Tips on leveraging resources on campus for securing internships!
  3. Gaining employability skills during your studies in the U.S.!
  4. Getting involved in campus activities and learning to manage time!
  5. Steps to undertake in your first week on campus!
  6. Important documents to carry from India!
  7. Strategies to adjust in the first semester - dos and don'ts!

You will also have the opportunity to network with alumni from U.S. Universities who have set up successful ventures in India. 

Speakers include representatives from U.S. Universities like Arizona State University and also current students/alumni of U.S. Universities including University of Texas at Dallas, Purdue University, Duke University, Syracuse University and Arizona State University. The highlight is getting to know your college peers!

The event will also include some lucky draw prizes, as well as, refreshments for all participants!

EducationUSA is a U.S. Department of State network of over 425 international student advising centers in more than 178 countries around the world, offering students accurate, comprehensive and current information on U.S. higher education opportunities. EducationUSA is your "official source on U.S. higher education"

Registration Compulsory!

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