Education in Australia & New Zealand | Feasibility, Process, Advantages, Myths

Studying abroad for masters is a BIG deal and choosing the right country is an even BIGGER deal. Explore Australia and New Zealand for your international degree. 

Experts from Imperial are organising a seminar on "Education in Australia & New Zealand". This session will help you with a better understanding and making the right choice. 

Agenda : 

  1. Australia Vs New Zealand - Pros N Cons 
  2. Top universities and courses
  3. Cost of education and ROI
  4. Job opportunities for International students
  5. Application process
  6. Funding Australia/New Zealand education VS US 
  7. How tough/easy is Visa process?
 Imperial, Borivali  15 March 2019 5.00 PM
 Imperial, Santacruz  16 March 2019 5.00 PM
 Imperial, Hinjewadi 17 March 2019  12.00 PM
 Imperial, Kothrud  17 March 2019  5.00 PM
 Imperial, Thane  18 March 2019  5.00 PM
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