GRE WORD-WIzard Challenge 2019

Yocket is hunting for the ultimate word connoisseur this season (Fall/Spring 2020). Nominate your friends, juniors and anyone who fits the bill for the Yocket  GRE WORD-WIzard Challenge 2019 and win exciting prizes. BIG exciting prizes!


  1. Know what Insouciance, eudaemoni and trichotillomania mean
  2. Consider yourself a word-nazi 
  3. Claim to remember more than 300+ GRE words 
  4. Are preparing for GRE

What is the challenge ?

Part 1. Prepare by using GRE words from the Yocket flashcards.

Part 2. Test your knowledge on the D-day with other competitors.

Participants with the most points will be advanced in the competition, and will get to play the ultimate challenge.

How to claim the ultimate throne?

  • Nominate  your buddy who is targeting the 2020 season (If you're from Fall 19 or an older season)


  • Participate  if haven’t taken GRE yet 
  • Challenge a fellow aspirant

What will you win?

The winner will win an Alexa echo.

The buddy who nominates the winner, wins Amazon voucher worth Rs 1500.


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