Key factors for a winning SOP, LOR and Resume - Yocket Premium [Webinar #3]

We are going to cover another very important topic in our third installment of Yocket Premium webinar "Key factors for a winning SOP, LOR and Resume".

Students usually need guidance on drafting admission documents. It is very crucial to present the documents in such a way that universities consider the application. These documents speaks a lot about a student's profile overall. Also, it is important to understand the university admission criteria to prepare documents accordingly and why do universities need admission documents?


  • Admission criteria for top global universities
  • Discussion about SOP, LOR's, Resume, Essays, Video Essays, Personal Statement and much more.
  • Importance of documentation

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Speaker: Biruda Virkud, Senior Counsellor at Yocket Premium. 

She is a TAMU Alumnus with around 20 years of experience in admission counselling space with 5000+ admits globally!.

This series is powered by Yocket Premium and you’ll get to learn from the expert in-house counsellors at Yocket Premium on various topics, relevant to your current phase in the application cycle. Upcoming topics in this series: Visa Guidance. Keep checking Yocket events for the next webinar announcements.


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