On Spot Admission for Fall 19 @ IIT Chicago | Ahmedabad

Faculty from Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago will be available for a one-to-one interview for Yocket users. They will also be offering on the spot provisional admits for Fall 2019 intake for program of your choice. All the attendees of this session will get their $75 application fee waived off.

The deadline to apply is January 4, 2019 at Midnight India Standard Time. 

The On Spot Provisional Admission Process (download this PDF for details):

  1. Application Stage: The student applies to Illinois Institute of Technology for Fall 2019 using the link https://iit.secure.force.com/form?formid=217891

    Important Notes on Application Form:
    [a] Student must complete this form in one session - Start to Finish
    [b] Student has to submit your semester wise individual mark-sheets in order to be considered for the event. 
    [c] Student has to submit mark-sheets for all attempts, retakes and failures. 
    [d] Transcripts are only accepted from Anna University and India Institute of Technology. 
    [e] Application Form closes by January 04, 2019

  2. Illinois Institute of Technology has got the following waivers for students applying during OSPA.
    [a] $75 Application Fee Waiver
    [b] Waiver of Letters of Recommendation
    [c] Waiver of Statement of Purpose
    [d] Waiver of TOEFL/IELTS

  3. Illinois Institute of Technology has got the following considerations for students applying during OSPA.
    GRE/ GMAT: Students can apply with or without GRE/GMAT Test Scores during the OSPA and get provisionally admitted. Such students have to provide the test scores later, as per the requirement of the department that the student is provisionally admitted, to confirm the admission. 

  4. Invitation Stage: Among all Students that applied for OSPA, the qualified students are invited to attend the event.

  5. One-On-One Interview Stage: The students arrive at the venue (Will be disclosed in the email invite), meet the faculty on a One-On-One Interview. The exhibit their academic strengths and why they wish to do the desired MS Degree at Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago. 
  6. Result Stage: Students receive 
    [a] Provisional Admission letters on the spot
    [b] Receive Graduate Pathway Scholarship of up-to $10,000 on the spot

For any queries, you may write to [email protected]

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