US Fall'19 Admit's Meetup

Meet your future classmates and roommates from Universities like NCSU, USC, NYU, UNCC, UMD, CMU, Universities of California, Rutgers, NEU, UConn, UPenn, University of South Florida, UF, other universities and gain knowledge on the following essentials:

  • U.S. Visa Essentials
    • Pre-requisites of U.S. Visa
    • Funds required for Visa
    • Visa Interview tips
  • Education Loan Essentials
    • Pre requisites of Loan
    • How to choose the best Loan
    • Effective repayment options
  • Health Insurance Essentials
    • Need for Health Insurance
    • How US Health Insurance works
    • How to choose best Insurance
  • Existing Students Talk
    • Do's and Don't's about:
    • Academics; Leisure;
    • Health/fitness; Finances

"Greet, Meet and Gain Knowledge from fellow U.S. Study Aspirants and Experts"

About Student Cover:

Student Cover, are an established player in the international student service industry since almost 10 years, facilitating students travelling to numerous international Universities in the United States with their flagship product "International Student Health Insurance".

Location Date &Time Address
Ahmedabad 18th May 2019,
1.30PM - 5.30PM


Indore 19th May 2019,
2.30PM - 6.30PM

IiiEM Indore 

Delhi 26th May 2019,
3.30PM - 7.30PM
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INDIA ISLAMIC CULTURAL CENTER NEW DELHI, The Garden, 87-88 Lodhi Road Nr Lodhi, Nearest Metro Station - Jor Bagh, New Delhi - 110003
26 May     03:30 PM | 4 hrs