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Yocket GRE word wizard 2.0

Alexa! Remind me to buy a dictionary!

Are you ready to have a battle of wits with your very own Alexa?

Wait no more! Yocket brings to you yet another exciting opportunity to flaunt your skills and your memory. This time, with an exciting prize! Test your word power at the GRE Quiz, 2019.

So, who can participate?

  1. If you are preparing for GRE.
  2. Want to test if you can remember 300+ GRE words.
  3. Are ready to take on the challenge!

What is the quiz all about?

It’s pretty simple!

Register and be present on the day of the quiz and answer the list of questions provided within a certain time limit.

The questions could be of any sort, which will help you test your GRE vocab.

How can you participate?

  1. Nominate 2 of your friends on our Instagram page for the quiz OR register here.
  2. Study as hard as you can!

Clue: Use Yocket’s GRE Flashcards on the Yocket App to prepare for the quiz. ;)

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