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Started in 1869, Purdue University is a public research university located in West Lafayette, Indiana. It is one of the highest-rated universities in the USA, and rightly so. It is involved in very high levels of research, and has some of the best academic programs to offer. Before you read any further, you ought to know that you need an absolutely mind-boggling profile to get into Purdue. An extremely high GPA, some excellent research work, and a couple of international technical papers can give you a chance of making it to Purdue. Note how we say ‘can’ and not ‘will’ - it really is that hard. To get an idea, even IITians with breathtakingly good profiles find it difficult to get in. It ranks #113 according to U.S. News' 'Best Global Universities Ranking' list.

OVERVIEW OF Chemical Engineering
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STEM Course
The MS in Chemical Engineering at Purdue is a government-designated STEM degree and so international students may be eligible for the 24-month F1 OPT (optional practical training) extension.

Course Duration
12 months






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Work Ex

10 months

Purdue Chemical Engineering

Spring Deadline (Send docs)
15 October, 2019

Fall Deadline (Send docs)
15 December, 2019


Fall: 12 Feb |
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Course Description

This is a 1-year Professional M.S. Program aimed at providing advanced technical and management training to aspiring industrial leaders in chemical engineering. Between these two programs approximately 175 graduate students are currently enrolled in the Davidson School of Chemical Engineering, and they make world-changing discoveries on a continual basis.

Because of this world-class training and the paradigm-shifting results that occur during their educational experiences, M.S. and Ph.D. alumni from the Davidson School of Chemical Engineering have the skills and creative thinking abilities that allow them to be leaders in academia, national laboratories, government and policy roles, private consulting corporations, and in chemical industry. In this way, our graduates continue to shape the future of chemical engineering and its related fields. Because of this fact, we are consistently placed among the top chemical engineering programs in the nation, ranking in the top 10 programs at public universities in the United States, as determined by US News & World Reports.

Online Delivery Program

Over the past year, we have conducted an extensive assessment of online learning. One of the main initiatives for the coming year is increasing Purdue Online Learning collaboration with colleges and schools across Purdue Engineering and delivering broader learning content for students.We are pleased to introduce new badge and stackable credential programs that break 3-credit courses into separate 1-credit courses. This program will debut fall semester with a Design for Security program through the School of Industrial Engineering, consisting of four 1-hour courses. This fall, we will also be bringing the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering to an edX platform, as well as introducing Nuclear Engineering and Engineering Education online. We are also looking into more transferable courses, enhancing course flexibility for students, and considering additional non-degree programs.In addition to increasing academic opportunities for students, we will continue to focus on faculty support, working to ensure delivery of quality educational material online by providing faculty with the very best in audio, visual and production technology.We realize that today’s students want more flexibility, more interactive learning and a greater number of academic opportunities with a customizable plan of study to meet their individual needs. Many new initiatives are in the planning stage, and information will be shared with you in an upcoming newsletter, by social media, and through other avenues

On Campus Program

Whether you are a recent graduate of a STEM program wanting to further your education or a current professional wanting to advance your career, the Professional Master’s Program (PMP) in the Charles D. Davidson School of Chemical Engineering at Purdue University is for you!.

The Professional Master’s Program is a full time, 12-16 month, non-thesis M.S. program designed specifically to prepare graduates for specialized careers in industry, academia, and government. Through a combination of rigorous coursework in chemical engineering, business and management, and a summer research project, students obtain advanced specialized education and professional management skill training in one of five key areas of chemical engineering:

  • Biochemical Engineering
  • Energy Systems Fundamentals and Processes
  • Kinetics, Catalysis and Reaction Engineering
  • Polymer Science and Engineering
  • Pharmaceutical Engineering

Required courses

Chemical engineers rely on their knowledge of mathematics and science - particularly chemistry - to overcome technical problems in industry and society. While the chemist studies basic chemical reactions, the chemical engineer applies the results of chemical research and transforms laboratory processes into efficient, full-scale processes or facilities. With their strong problem-solving skills and fundamental background in mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology, chemical engineers can seize opportunities to translate industrial problems into competitive advantages.

  1. CHE 20000 - Chemical Engineering Seminar
  2. CHE 20500 - Chemical Engineering Calculations
  3. CHE 21100 - Introductory Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
  4. CHE 30000 - Chemical Engineering Seminar
  5. CHE 30600 - Design Of Staged Separation Processes
  6. CHE 32000 - Statistical Modeling And Quality Enhancement
  7. CHE 34800 - Chemical Reaction Engineering
  8. CHE 37700 - Momentum Transfer
  9. CHE 37800 - Heat And Mass Transfer
  10. CHE 40000 - Chemical Engineering Seminar
  11. CHE 42000 - Process Safety Management And Analysis
  12. CHE 43500 - Chemical Engineering Laboratory
  13. CHE 45000 - Design And Analysis Of Processing Systems
  14. CHE 45600 - Process Dynamics And Control

Eligibility and Application Requirements

A graduate student at Purdue University may be considered eligible to study only if the student has received grades of C- or better. These course grades must meet departmental requirements, such as limits on the number of C-, C, or C+ grades permitted, grades of A, A-, B, or B- in certain courses, and/or minimum GPA for courses on the plan of study. For courses at the 30000- or 40000- level taken as a graduate student or courses that represent either undergraduate excess credit or transfer credit, grades of B- or better are required for fulfilling plan of study requirements. Once again, departments and advisory committees may set higher standards. Courses taken as pass/not pass or satisfactory/unsatisfactory are unacceptable on plans of study. Research credits (69800 and 69900) cannot be included on a plan of study. Except in cases of a staff error, grade option changes will not be approved by the Graduate School.

Job Prospects and Placements for Chemical Engineering at Purdue University West Lafayette

Given the strong Purdue chemical engineering reputation and an increasingly critical need for specialized knowledge, the program attracts vibrant cohorts of qualified students from all over the world. The Charles D. Davidson School of Chemical Engineering has always ranked high in employment statistics, and there are many opportunities available for the alumni of the Professional MS program after graduation.

Upon completing the program, graduates can communicate, negotiate, and lead people and projects within a global engineering enterprise in various roles, such as:

  • Process Engineer
  • Process Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Project Engineer
  • Project Manager
  • Consultant

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