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Established in 1870 by Edwin Augustus Stevens, Stevens Institute of Technology (SIT) is one of the first coeducational, private universities that was exclusively devoted to the field of mechanical engineering and is one of the most ancient universities in the United States of America. SIT admits over 5000 graduate and undergraduate students from all over the world. It runs 3 national Centers of Excellence as entitled by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Department of Defence. The university is now headed by Dr. Nariman Farvardin who took over the office on July 1st, 2011 and is the seventh president of SIT.

OVERVIEW OF Business Intelligence and Analytics
AT Stevens Institute of Technology (Stevens IT)

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STEM Course
The MS in Business Intelligence and Analytics at Stevens IT is a government-designated STEM degree and so international students may be eligible for the 24-month F1 OPT (optional practical training) extension.

Course Duration
24 months

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21 months

Stevens IT Business Intelligence and Analytics

Fall Deadline (Send docs)
15 April, 2019

Spring Deadline (Send docs)
01 November, 2019


Fall: 10 Feb | Spring: 18 Oct |
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Course Description

The master's program trains students to understand both the business implications of Big Data and the technology that makes that data useful. In doing so, it leans heavily on the high-tech infrastructure at Stevens, which gives students direct exposure to the kind of challenges they will engage in the workplace. Students will cultivate the skills to collect, analyze and interpret data in strategic data planning and management; databases and data warehousing; data mining and machine learning; network analysis and social media; and risk, modeling and optimization, and will learn to apply those skills to business problems in order to form actionable strategy.

The Business Intelligence & Analytics master's program provides a blend of analytical and professional skills to help you become a manager who challenges assumptions and uses data to make evidence-based decisions. At Stevens, you'll master new tools that will help you refine products, services and strategies while setting the pace for your company in markets undergoing constant, technology-driven change.

On Campus Program

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Required courses

Given the highly technical nature of this degree, students are required to have completed one semester of calculus and one semester of basic probability, hypothesis testing and estimation prior to starting the program. Stevens offers noncredit courses for students needing to satisfy this requirement.Applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree in science, mathematics, computer science, engineering or a related field, with a “B” average, from an accredited school.

The curriculum covers the concepts at the forefront of the data revolution - machine learning, language processing, web mining, optimization and risk analytics. Classes explore key business concepts while going beyond basics in R, SAS, Hadoop, Python and Sparc. The program culminates in a capstone experience in which you'll work on a project, using real data analysis.

Eligibility and Application Requirements

Your application must include official transcripts from all universities you have attended, or in which you are currently enrolled. These records must show your name, the name of the university attended, enrollment dates, coursework completed and grades assigned. Your bachelor's degree must be in science, mathematics, computer science, engineering or a related discipline. Your degree also must come from an accredited institution, and you must have attained a B average, to be considered.

Job Prospects and Placements for Business Intelligence and Analytics at Stevens Institute of Technology

The Financial Systems Center acts as a gateway for recruiters to meet students benefiting from the latest developments into data visualization, modeling, risk management, portfolio theory and algorithm development. Because of their Stevens education, these students can hit the ground running, without extensive and time-consuming orientations. Companies that partner with the Hanlon Financial Systems Center are invited to regular events where managers and recruiters can meet top-performing students and engage them on internships and consulting project, as well as full-time job placement. Stevens faculty are able to recommend students based on specific hiring needs at organizations.

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