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Texas A&M University, College Station

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Texas A&M University, fondly called as TAMU, is a public research university founded in 1876. It is one of the best universities in the States as the research work and the opportunities opening after graduation are spell bounding. Although applying to TAMU is nothing short of ambitious, you stand a decent chance if you have an excellent research work and international papers to back your application. TAMU is a dream college for IITians and NITians. It ranks #125 according to U.S. News' 'Best Global Universities Ranking' list.

OVERVIEW OF Computer Engineering
AT Texas A&M University, College Station (TAMU)

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STEM Course
The MS in Computer Engineering at TAMU is a government-designated STEM degree and so international students may be eligible for the 24-month F1 OPT (optional practical training) extension.

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24 months






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18 months

TAMU Computer Engineering



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Course Description

The Master of Science in Computer Engineering (MSCE) is a research degree. A thesis and final
examination (thesis defense) are required. Students who complete the MSCE may file a Letter of Intent requesting admission to the PhD program. The degree plan should be completed by the student in consultation with the Chair and the Advisory Committee.

Courses Required:
Requirements for the MCS degree include:

  • At least 12 credit hours of graded CSCE graduate coursework (excluding CSCE 681, 684, 685, 691).
  • At least 6 credit hours of graded ECEN graduate coursework that is not cross-listed with CSCE (excluding ECEN 681 , 684, 685, 691).
  • At least 6 credit hours of graded elective graduate coursework (excluding 681 , 684, 685, and 691). This may include CSCE, ECEN, or other approved graduate courses.
  • At most one approved three-credit 400–level CSCE or ECEN undergraduate course. See
    Section 4.4. This course does NOT count towards the 12 hours of CSCE graded graduate
  • 1 credit hour of CSCE 681 (Graduate Seminar).
  • 4 to 7 credit hours of CSCE 691 (Research)- Up to 3 credit hours of CSCE 685 (Directed Studies). The combination of 685 and 691 cannot exceed 7 credit hours.

Eligibility and Application Requirements

  • Completing all years of a Bachelor's degree or higher at a U.S. accredited university (a PDF
    copy of your unofficial transcripts as part of your application file and subject to departmental
  • Statement of purpose that is no more than 1-2 pages
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • GRE test: Verbal Reasoning score of at least 1 46 (Subject to departmental approval)
  • TOEFL: min TOEFL score (from a test date within two years): 550 for paper-based testing
    (PBT) or 80 internet-based testing (IBT); or
  • IELTS score of 6.0 overall band

Job Prospects and Placements for Computer Engineering at Texas A&M University, College Station

The student’s advisory committee, in consultation with the student, will develop the proposed degree plan. The degree plan must be completed and filed with the Office of Graduate and Professional Studies prior to the deadline imposed by the student’s college, after completion of 9 hours or the first semester, and no later than 90 days prior to the date of the final oral examination. Additional coursework may be added to the approved degree plan by petition if it is deemed necessary by the advisory committee to correct deficiencies in the student’s academic preparation. No changes can be made to the degree plan once the student’s Request for Final Examination or Request for Final Examination Exemption is approved by the Office of Graduate and Professional Studies.

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