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Texas A&M University, College Station

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Texas A&M University, fondly called as TAMU, is a public research university founded in 1876. It is one of the best universities in the States as the research work and the opportunities opening after graduation are spell bounding. Although applying to TAMU is nothing short of ambitious, you stand a decent chance if you have an excellent research work and international papers to back your application. TAMU is a dream college for IITians and NITians. It ranks #125 according to U.S. News' 'Best Global Universities Ranking' list.

OVERVIEW OF Management Information System
AT Texas A&M University, College Station (TAMU)

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Tuition Fee

STEM Course
The MS in Management Information System at TAMU is a government-designated STEM degree and so international students may be eligible for the 24-month F1 OPT (optional practical training) extension.

Course Duration
12 months






UG Score


Work Ex

24 months

TAMU Management Information System

Fall (Financial Aid) Deadline (Send docs)
01 December, 2019


Fall: 04 Mar |
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Course Description

The Masters of Science in Management Information Systems (MS-MIS) degree provides a world-class education in technical information systems and business. Our career placement data is testament to the quality and success of our program.


Required courses:

  • Advanced Database Management
  • Advanced Systems Analysis and Design
  • MIS Project Management and Implementation
  • Information Systems Design and Development
  • Business Information Security
  • Data Warehousing
  • Corporate Information Planning
  • Accounting Controls and Procedures

Choose four courses of the following courses:

  1. IT Security Controls
  2. Data Mining
  3. Customer Relationship Mgmt. Technologies
  4. Security Management and Compliance
  5. Professional Internship
  • Special Topics in…
    1. Control & Audit of Information Systems
    2. Financial Statement Analysis
    3. Software Engineering
    4. Artificial Intelligence
    5. Analysis of Algorithms
    6. Machine Learning
    7. Human-Centered Computing
    8. Distributed Processing System
    9. Advanced Networking and Security
    10. Distributed Systems and Cloud Computing
    11. Cybersecurity Risk
    12. Pattern Recognition
    13. Machine Learning with Networks
    14. Economic Analytics
    15. Financial Management I
    16. Financial Management II
    17. Financial Statement Analysis
    18. Applications in GIS
    19. Engineering Data Analysis
    20. Human Information Processing
    21. Technology Commercialization
    22. Organizational Change & Development
    23. Foundations of Entrepreneurship
    24. Negotiations in Competitive Environments
    25. Survey of Management
    26. International Business Policy
    27. Business and Corporate Strategy
    28. Survey of Marketing
    29. Product Innovation
    30. Multinational Marketing Management
    31. Health Systems Management
    32. Information Technology in Supply Chain
    33. Business Process Design
    34. Applied Predictive Analytics
    35. Logistics and Distribution Management
    36. Topics in Statistical Computation
    37. Database & Computational Tools in Big Data
    38. Methods in Time Series Analysis
    39. Overview of Mathematical Statistics
    40. Statistical Methods in Finance
    41. Applied Multivariate Analysis
    42. Spatial Statistics
    43. Applied Statistics and Data Analysis
    44. Statistics in Research I
    45. Statistics in Research II
    46. Applied Analytics

Eligibility and Application Requirements

  • Self-reported GRE or GMAT scores (official reports will be required if admitted)
  • Essay responses
  • Three letters of recommendation

Job Prospects and Placements for Management Information System at Texas A&M University, College Station

Students in our program are assisted by the Career Management Center in the Mays Business School with career placements. Historically, the career placements for our MS-MIS graduates have been quite favorable. Historically, approximately 75 percent of our students had professional internships while pursuing their degrees and 90-100 percent of our graduates found full-time jobs within 90 days of graduation.

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