MS in Computer Science & Computer Information Systems
University of Florida

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Founded in 1853, the University of Florida (UF or UFL) is a public research university located at Gainesville, Florida. In 2019, UF was ranked No. 8 among U.S. public institutions by U.S. World & News Report. It is consistently ranked in the top value for the low cost of education and great quality of living. There is a diverse Indian community at UF with dedicated clubs and organizations to make you feel at home. It ranks #107 according to U.S. News' 'Best Global Universities Ranking' list.

OVERVIEW OF Computer Science & Computer Information Systems
AT University of Florida (UFL)

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Tuition Fee

STEM Course
The MS in Computer Science & Computer Information Systems at UFL is a government-designated STEM degree and so international students may be eligible for the 24-month F1 OPT (optional practical training) extension.

Course Duration
18 months






UG Score


Work Ex

18 months

UFL Computer Science & Computer Information Systems

Fall (Final Deadline) Deadline (Send docs)
01 May, 2019

Spring Deadline (Send docs)
15 September, 2019

Fall Deadline (Send docs)
31 January, 2020


Fall: 14 Apr | Spring: 09 Nov |
*Estimate based on previous dates reported by Yocketers

Course Description

The Master's of Science degree in Computer Science at the University of Florida is a professionally oriented program designed to prepare its students for employment. The program touches relevant courses, explaining relevant theories and providing its students with a more solid theoretical background.

Core courses:

  • COT 5405 Analysis of Algorithms
  • Any tyree from the following five courses:
    • CDA 5155 Computer Architecture Principles
    • COP 5615 Distributed Operating System Principles
    • COP 5556 Programming Language Principles
    • CNT 5106C Computer Networks
    • COP 5536 Advanced Data Structures

Here is the complete list of courses for the program.

Eligibility and Application Requirements

Below are some requirements for successful application for the course:

  1. Applicants must possess an undergraduate degree in Engineering or Technology fields from an accredited university with a minimum CGPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale or it's equivalent on other scales.
  2. Applicants must tender their GRE scores.
  3. Applicants must provide proof of English language proficiency.
  4. A resume, statement of purpose and recommendation letters may also be required.

Job Prospects and Placements for Computer Science & Computer Information Systems at University of Florida

For a list of career opportunities available to graduates of the University of Florida, Computer Science department, click HERE.

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