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Imperial Overseas (Hiren Rathod)

ISSC are an Overseas Educational Consultancy to guide students who wish to pursue their studies abroad. It aims at making sure that the students get accurate an

Imperial Overseas (Hiren Rathod)
1 week, 3 days ago

Understanding how to crack the GRE

The GRE is an intriguing test, mystifying to many. Often we find students getting complacent that it is easy to crack without much training and a popular misconception is that only the Verbal...

Imperial Overseas (Hiren Rathod)
on 10 November, 2016

US Elections Result-Should you really draw curtains on your dreams?

The process of applying for a master’s degree in US is a daunting task. Thousands of students who are aspiring to seek admission in prestigious universities across the landscape of US are...

Imperial Overseas (Hiren Rathod)
on 21 April, 2015

Some Nuggets of Wisdom

Metaphorically speaking, hope is strange person indeed! It is the best friend of the optimist and the fiercest enemy of the pessimist. Its presence has the effect of arming the optimists with the...

Imperial Overseas (Hiren Rathod)
on 04 March, 2015

Handling Multiple Admits

The happiness you feel on receiving your first admit is unparalleled. It could be from your dream university or the one you had applied to as a back-up. Different universities have their own way...

Imperial Overseas (Hiren Rathod)
on 27 February, 2015

What after admits?

Students often wonder what to do once they receive their desired admits. Firstly, it is important for the student to check the available options, compare and select the best university they wish...

Imperial Overseas (Hiren Rathod)
on 25 August, 2014

List of Ivy League Universities & Tuition Costs

It is the dream of every student to enrol with one of the top universities of the world viz. the Ivy League schools. These universities fall in the north-eastern block of the United States. The...

Imperial Overseas (Hiren Rathod)
on 18 August, 2014

How to select Universities for MS in US?

As a student we have all been spoilt for choices. A couple of year ago, education was only a means of gaining a good and well paying employment. However, as time passed, we have achieved a better...

Imperial Overseas (Hiren Rathod)
on 06 August, 2014

Is IELTS compulsory in all cases?

India as a country is multilingual. In spite of English used as the official language for business and most commonly used for academics, our national language of Hindi classifies India as a...

Imperial Overseas (Hiren Rathod)
on 04 August, 2014

List of Universities that accept GRE 290-300 score.

The day of your GRE is here. You are well prepared. You know you will do very well. You come across a few tough questions but you are confident you will score a 310+. You hit the FINISH button and...

Imperial Overseas (Hiren Rathod)
on 30 July, 2014

Conditional Admission from University

For over 6 months we have grown from the decision of going for further studies in a new country, to deciding the country of choice, the course, a career and basically a future. Some may have even...