Find the Right College

Yocket helps Indian students prepare for undergrad admissions in US

What is College Finder?

What college should I go to? This is probably the first question that comes to mind when you reach “that point” in your education. Finding a college that is a right fit for you for an undergrad degree is very important. This is where we help you. The ‘Undergrad College Finder’ is a free tool developed by our research team using legit data and algorithms to help you find the college that is the best match for you. Of course, no college is perfect, but we have used our resources to find the ones that are a good fit for your profile. These colleges are among the best colleges in the US. Use this tool to start your journey towards college application & planning.

How it Works ?

Step 1 : Academics & Test Scores

Here you enter your test scores and academic profile. This includes your SAT/ACT scores along with average of your scores in high school, i.e. 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th(if you have given). You need to enter the board and name of the latest institute you attended.

Step 2 : LORs & Essay

Here, you will be asked details about the course and term that you are applying for. You will also be asked to rate your LORs and your performance in the subjects of the teachers who have given the LORs.In the end, you have to rate the essay you are submitting to the respective applications. Be honest!

Step 3 : Extracurriculars

Here, you have to enter the time and effort you have put into various extracurricular activities. You can also include any jobs or internships you have done along with any online courses that you might have completed. Be honest about your self-ratings for the best matches.

Step 4 : Results

Once you have entered all you scores and (honest)ratings, our algorithm works its magic and displays a curated list of 12 universities. These universities are classified into 3 categories : Ambitious(a little out of reach, but do-able), Target(Where your profile is the average profile) and Safe(Easier to get into these) universities.