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Acclaimed in the year 1870, the University of Akron is situated in the Ohio region of United States. This university is appraised in Polymer Research as a world leader. It is also a part of University System of Ohio. This university focuses more on industries, such as – polymer, engineering, and advanced materials. In the last whole decade, this university has been seen extending its research portfolio. It has obtained considerable acknowledgment for its output in commercialization and technology transfer.
This university has innumerable courses to offer. Almost 200 undergraduate and 100 graduate majors can be found in this institute. Only from the Ohio region, approx 27,000 students are enrolled in this university. Other than this the students studying here belong to 71 different countries of the world. In the Ohio region, this university has one of the largest campuses. The best course provided by this university is – Polymer Science and Polymer Engineer, which is studied in 12, storied building.

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The University of Akron is located in Akron region of Ohio State of United States. There are many cities nearby, like – Hudson, Kent, Ravenna, and many more. Traveling to the university is not strenuous. You can take a bus service to the campus of the university. If you have your own vehicle, then the university also offers parking system.


The campus of the university is spread across 218 acres. It consists of more than 80 buildings. Since 2000, the university has created green space that is spread across 34 acres. It has also added 22 buildings and has completed 18 renovations. Countless programs are there that this university offers, like – Alcohol Awareness Week, Study Abroad Fair, China Week, and many others.
Lately, the university has gone through a construction project of worth $627 million called as – A New Landscape of Learning. In this project, a new stadium of football, a shopping hall, and a Quaker Square Crown Plaza Hotel was constructed.
The number of facilities that the university offers is innumerable. There is – Leisure pool, spa for 30 persons, walking track, gymnasiums, open field for various sports, basketball and volleyball courts, and many other things.
From Law library to ACM Digital Library, there are libraries related to every course. There are laboratories as well where you can research anything that you want.

Residing Options

All the first year students are required to live on campus. The university has four quads on campus that offer various residence halls. The North Quad has six halls. The West Quad has one hall. The South Quad has one hall and few apartments. The East Quad has one hall. These residence halls are totally secure. You would need to swipe your Zip Card for the entry inside the hall. There are many other facilities that you will get in these halls – from AC to free laundry – you won’t get a chance for any complaint.
And there are options for living off campus as well. As youngsters love their independence, so after completing one whole year on campus, you can shift to rented houses or apartments near the campus. The average cost of rent can be anywhere from $249 to $$8,000 or above. It all depends on the facilities that you are demanding.


The weather of the Akron is humid and you will get to experience all four seasons. Winters in Akron are chilly and bring along heavy snowfall. January is the coldest month of the year and the temperature can even fall down 0 degrees C. Summers are very hot here and the temperature can go above 32 degrees C. Autumn will offer you warm days and cool nights and spring will gift you heavy rainfall.

Faculty and pedagogy

The faculty here supports a purpose of the balanced literary program. The teachers here strongly believe in the importance of what they are teaching along with the method they adopt for teaching. The faculty works to know the strength and weakness of the students so that they can help them in being a better person. Along with group studies, there is group teaching as well. Some of the noteworthy professors are-

  • Dr. Erol Sancaktar
  • Dr. Susan G. Clark
  • Ms. Katie Murdoch

  • Financial aid

    There are many grants, loans, and scholarships that the university provides to the students who perform exceptionally well in the academics. More than $22 millions are spent every year in financial aids. There are General institutional scholarships, Honors scholarships, scholarships for non – Ohio residents, Valedictorian and Salutatorian scholarships, and many others.

    Jobs and placements

    The university allows students to join as an intern in different fields during the course. Students of Counseling Psychology have got the chance of internship in university counseling centers, community mental health centers, VA hospitals and medical centers, and medical school consortia. The university’s online portal – Career Link – helps employers and students to interact with each other and students get millions of opportunities in this way.


  • Thomas C. Sawyer
  • Ray C. Bliss
  • Chase Blackburn
  • Mark Malaska
  • Shawn Barber

  • Verdict

    The university monitors on and off campus streets, corners, and alleys. The campus patrolling also helps in keeping the safety of the university intact. The classrooms provide ample of space to accommodate innumerable students. The teachers of the university also take a keen interest in the academics of the students. The dorms of the university provide good facilities and are totally safe. But, they can be highly expensive as well. The athletic options keep students hooked other than the studies.

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