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University of Alabama at Birmingham

Alabama, United States

About University of Alabama at Birmingham

The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) is a public university in Birmingham in the U.S. state of Alabama. UAB was established in 1936 and has over 140 programs to offer which include the best and the largest academic medical center in the US.

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While Alabama is a big city, there are a lot of places to visit on the weekends. It has never happened that one has got bored to just roam around the city. The outskirts of Alabama are pleasant too.


The campus stands on the southern side of Alabama. Rectangular in shape and consisting of area about 80 blocks the campus is enormous. With some greenery in the middle and college buildings surrounding it gives a feel of country side at times.

Residing Options

Housing facilities for students of supreme quality are provided by the university. Housing rates vary from the type you choose for which prices start from 2,500 US$ to 4,000US$.


The only reason this section can be a turn off is because Alabama is humid. Summers are not so great at Alabama, temperature may go up to 32 C but humidity takes over your mind. There’s heavy rainfall throughout the year so that level up with the humidity part. Winters are pleasant with a minimum drop till 6 C and sometimes it can go down till freezing point.

Faculty and pedagogy

At Alabama the only thing that has been concentrated upon is the medical field of that university. The university does not pay an exclusive attention on recruiting faculties, but while selecting the faculty for medical a special point is taken care of. If you talk about the medical center, you can call it the best but professors at other fields are little under experienced.

Financial aid

Just like all other universities, UAB provides scholarship programs for all their courses. To avail them one must score high and if you get a scholarship for medical then that maybe the best thing that has happened to you as it saves a lot on your budget.

Jobs and placements

The university has its own placement offers, but if you are in Alabama then you should get used to the fact that the university will be biased and give preference to their medical students.

Crowd and campus life

Students at UAB are considered as down to earth, to be frank how happening a medical student can be? This university is completely based on academics so that’s how a mindset of a student is set at UAB.


  • Dr. Joseph F. Volker, 1969–1976
  • Danya Barsalona, professional soccer player


Well, if you are into medicals and want be in a good reputed university UAB can be one. Before selecting it you must consider other options as well. It is true that apart from medical the university doesn’t pay much attention on other aspects, but that’s how they are promoting their best medical center.

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