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University of Notre Dame was founded on November 26, 1842 by Father Edward Sorin with a prominence over religion and its sophisticated teaching methods. The University Of Notre Dame (meaning "Our lady of lake") is a Catholic research university located adjacent to South Bend, Indiana, in the United States. With a marvelous campus of 1,250 acres in a suburban setting the university holds great importance specifically with the kind of recognizable monuments it contains such as the Golden dome, The World of Life mural and the Basilica. The university is known for its sophisticated manner of conducting the schedule and uniformity.

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South Bend is a city in and the county seat of St. Joseph County, Indiana, United States, on the St. Joseph River near its southernmost bend, from which it derives its name. With a total population of 101,638 the city is known for its industrial hub which was established in the 19th century as was beneficial for businessmens trade. However, now the city is fourth largest in Indiana in terms of population and has amazing young crowd. Sometimes weekends are full of ques around the city as everyone waits to enter clubs everywhere. South bend is a perfect place for business and party both. Overall the city has a well-balanced mix of industry, education, and cultural amenities, and has become an economic center for a large portion of northern Indiana and southern Michigan known locally as Michiana. The city is safe and a good place to spend your education year at.


University of Notre Dame stands on one of the most alluring structures which might give an impact of a 15th century royal castle. Its more or less like Throne room of Game of thrones and will undoubtedly make you fall in love with it even if you google search its images. Today the campus lies on 1,250 acres (5.1 km2) just south of the Indiana Toll Road and includes 143 buildings located on quads throughout the campus; even the new buildings have a roman feel and look historic from the exterior.

Residing Options

The University of Notre Dame provides on-campus housing for undergraduate students in 30 residence halls and over 600 halls for graduates. Two brand new residence halls will welcome their first residents this Fall 2016 and as the halls are acquired pretty fast then you wouldnt be able to get in-campus housing facility for which university has another option in which they help you connect with housing facilities off-campus. The only problem living off-campus would be that the university will be at a distance and travelling would be an issue eventually.


South Bend has a humid continental climate. Lake Michigan exerts a great influence on the climate of South Bend, including lake effect snow in winter and a tendency to moderate temperatures year round. June through August are the warmest months, with average temperatures above 69 F (21 °C). Normally, 42 days with thunderstorms occur each year. The snowiest month is usually January, with snow fall normally recorded from October through April. Rainfall is pretty average throughout the year and it doesnt stop you from going to college and nor does it irritate you with heavy rain. Spring and fall can be mild and overcast, but also severely stormy at times with 293 partly cloudy to cloudy days each year. Overall the temperature is pretty good to adjust in and very easy to adapt too for a person with any geographical background.

Faculty and pedagogy

What matters most to a student is good education, if your faculty is experienced then thats like a cherry on top of a cake mountain. Faculty at Notre Dame are exceptionally qualified and know their work pretty well, apart from teaching the syllabus they give you real life experiences related to that specific topic of the subject which will help one understand better. Not only this, if there is any doubt in your mind then it will be solved not just once but a hundred times of asked upon. Even though students complain about other things of the University, rarely would you find any one complaining about the faculty. If not other points, then this topic definitely pulls you towards taking admissions at this university.

Financial aid

University of Notre Dame helped 1,441 incoming freshmen with financial aid last year with grants & loans. Out of 2,070 incoming freshmen who enrolled at University of Notre Dame last year, 1,441 students received some type of financial aid package.
Grant Aid: 1,178 incoming freshmen received $33,092 on average in grant aid. (57% of the freshmen class)
Loan Aid: 758 incoming freshmen took $6,329 on average in federal student loan. (37% of the freshmen class)

Jobs and placements

Being an old and reputed university, UND has a vast number of influential alumni who in turn for the love of University help students get job which they do either by conducting in-campus placements or by helping them to get in touch with the companies that requires freshers who just got graduated. University also helps student find a job or conduct in-campus placements at times but after that if you dont like the job provided by university then you also have an option of applying through the connections you made as a student in UND.

Crowd and campus life

Crowd and their behavior depend on personal experience eventually but in general the crowd at UND is counted in one the most mix-breeds crowd of United States. The students there enjoy their life and study equally. One cant define the atmosphere in there just by looking from outside, maybe at times you might see a disco light flashing outside a dorm while in a dorm below there must be students studying for that night. Eventually its your choice but when it comes to exams, each and every student you find in the campus will be lost deep inside the book he or she is studying. The weekend sports events are fun and everybody looks forward to attend them. Over all the life at UND is perfect for a student where he can have fun and study equal, all you would need is a good company to help you in both scenarios.


66th United States Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice (MA, 1975)

Television personality Regis Philbin (BA, 1953)

1995 Nobel Prize for Medicine Eric F. Wieschaus (BS, 1969)

Scientist and explorer Rev. John Augustine Zahm (BA, 1871)

Indiana Senator and former Representative Joe Donnelly (1977, JD. 1981)

Talk show host and creator of The Phil Donahue Show Phil Donahue (1957)


Well, every university isnt just perfect even if it is the top most university in the world. There is a glitch in every system, and thats a fact. In UND that glitch is called the administration and admission department of the University which is analyzed as considerably slow from the general reviews of few passed out of university student. There are a lot of problems that student face during admissions such as the amount of paper-work that is asked from students, delay in communication and other mishaps. But, all these problems do not stop you from taking admission if you have applied in a correct way and also if you are eligible for it. The other problem being that University has hired few new professors as the old ones were too old to work eventually, so cant say if their working style still match but still you can expect a good quality education out of it. If you dont mind paying that big sum of 60,000 US$ for the name and quality then for sure this is one of the best universities to apply in, else if you dont know what exactly you want to do and want to do a course internationally for the sake of it then this is not the right university for you.

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