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Vanderbilt University, located in Nashville, Tenn., is a private research university offering a full-range of undergraduate, graduate and professional degrees. Founded in 1873 Vanderbilt University is also known informally as Vandy and has a total enrollment of approximately 12,686 students. Despite its reputation in States you must be wondering why the enrollment number is so less, let's say that it's how university prefers it to be. With a very low acceptance rate it requires a skilled student to get into this university. Let's see if this is worth it or no.

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The campus is located in the heart of the city. Founded in 1779, Nashville is the capital of the U.S. state of Tennessee and the county seat of Davidson County. The city is a center for the music, healthcare, publishing, banking and transportation industries, and home to numerous colleges and universities. It is known as a center of the country music industry, earning it the nickname "Music City U.S.A." The city's "balance" population was 654,610 as of the 2015 census, "balance" is a term used by congressmen's for a city with perfect ratio of people from various communities. Tourists and Nashvillites alike love this area of capitol building and for good reasons of its historic importance and beauty. The traffic is horrible though, especially on a Saturday night if you're planning for Hardrock cafe or Wildhorse Saloon which is a pretty famous place at Nashville. The city is a perfect example of metropolitan and does not disappoint you with its fun.


With the exception of the off-campus observatory and satellite medical clinics, all of the university's facilities are situated on its 330-acre (1.3 km2) campus in the heart of Nashville, 1.5 miles (2.4 km) from downtown. Despite its urban surroundings, the campus itself is a national arboretum and features over 300 different species of trees and shrubs. The campus is historic and pretty with all the trees in surrounding. One won't be able to figure out if they're really in the heart of this honking trafficked city of Nashville. The university has maintained its structure and gives a good amount of safety for their students as they have a lot of cctvs installed but students are still able to breach it and perform their college life illegal routine. The Greek-life is in dominance and one is suggested not to take part in it, you can survive without it even though it is difficult to do so.

Residing Options

Vanderbilt University offers students both housing and dining options. The on-campus housing cost for a typical student was $9,580 in 2015 - 2016 and the cost for a typical meal plan was $5,090. The following table outlines average expected costs at Vanderbilt University for on-campus housing, meals and other expenses.


With moderately cold winters, and hot, humid summers monthly averages range from 3.2 °C in January to 26.3 °C in July. Nashville has a humid subtropical climate and has drastic various in its climate. Snowfall occurs during the winter months, but it is usually not heavy but you should be prepared with your wardrobe for it. Average annual snowfall is about 16 cm, falling mostly in January and February and occasionally in March and December. Due to its unpredictable climate in 2008, Nashville was ranked as the 18th-worst spring allergy city in the U.S. by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. You should visit doctor if you're continuing a fever for long period and have quarterly health-checkups.

Faculty and pedagogy

Undoubtedly the university has hired one of the best professors available in States and still has few professors who have been teaching since a couple of decades. Rarely would you find alumni who would be unhappy with the professors as they are considered pretty helpful even in-case of personal matters and they would be ready to clear your doubt at any time of the working hour or maybe even after that if you've created that kind of relationship with them. Professors are Math's and Engineering department are considered as one of the best in university cause of their teaching method in which their examples to teach relate more to daily life problems than the actual textual equation. The syllabus would be challenging but that does not change the fact that teachers will be cooperative and you will be helped.

Financial aid

Yes, the university provides financial aid and that is genuinely a very big help for those who cannot pay this big an amount for their education. Vanderbilt University helped 1,132 incoming freshmen with financial aid last year, Grants and Loans. Out of 1,613 incoming freshmen who enrolled at Vanderbilt University last year, 1,132 students received some type of financial aid package. 1,053 incoming freshmen received $38,939 on average in grant aid. 198 incoming freshmen took $7,390 on average in federal student loan. The facts comprise of 65% & 12% of the freshmen class respectively which means almost more than half the students apply for grant and they all are able to get it which actually helps.

Jobs and placements

With over 73% satisfaction level of alumni for their jobs is a great mark for any school to achieve. The university conducts few in-campus placements every year, but only for those departs for whom it's difficult to get a job in any nearby state such as Biology or similar other departments. But, one really does not need the placement's help to create a career; if you're a Vanderbilt graduate then your graduation certificate will speak for you.

Crowd and campus life

The beautiful campus is like an icing on top and the trees in surrounding are really helpful in education if you are really willing to study, all you need to sit under a tree and feel like Einstein. Even though the university has increased their security, students are still able to bring booze inside the campus. There are some illegal things that go on within the campus but that are general scenario with most of the schools and nothing new in this case unless it happens out of limit. There are few female students who do not get a positive vibe from campus and feel unsafe most of the times due to few incidents that happened in recent past, but university has tried to look upon them and have cleared most of the air. Still, if you feel unsafe you have all the right to complaint about that one specific person and your accusation will be considered. Other than that housing in-campus is much prettier than off-campus and you will find amazing cafes and bars right on the street outside university. This campus is fun if you work hard and play equally hard.


  • John Nance Garner and Al Gore- U.S Vice Presidents

  • Matthew J. Hart- CEO of US Airways

  • Amy Grant- Singer

  • Delbert Mann- Director, Academy award winner

  • Verdict

    Beyond shadow of a doubt, this university is genuinely a prestigious one we have noticed this far and has been a dream university amongst a lot of southerners in States. There are some pros like the education quality and amazing faculty plus the quality of in-campus housing genuinely takes it all but spending a heavy sum of 63,000 US$ seems more like a wall between someone who can't afford this university and the administration. Even though the university grants some discount over fees to most but what if you do not end up being in those 'most'. Considering the fun life of Nashville you might just get distracted over the weekend, but if you have self-control you can work hard and enjoy the same. All you need to consider is the fact that you will be paying a heavy sum so re-think if you are going just for a degree to show-off or else if you're loaded and want to have fun while you study then there's nothing like Vanderbilt University.

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