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About Yale University

Yale University is a private Ivy League research university in New Haven, Connecticut. It was founded in 1701 as the "Collegiate School" by a group of Congregationalist ministers Yale University comprises three major academic components: Yale College (the undergraduate program), the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, and the professional schools. In addition, Yale encompasses a wide array of centers and programs, libraries, museums, and administrative support offices. Approximately 11,250 students attend Yale.


Quaint commercial districts, serene residential streets, the famous New Haven Green, and landmarks of American history are only a few of the highlights of a place that has given the world the hamburger, the lollipop, the corkscrew, and the world’s best pizza. Get to know the New Haven community and enjoy some of New Haven’s wonderful restaurants, shops, and cultural attractions. Yale University has been a part of the New Haven community for three centuries. Today, more than 2,500 undergraduates—nearly one-half of all Yale College students—volunteer in community service activities in New Haven, many of them in New Haven Public Schools. But on the other hand New Haven has been known for having a very high crime rate per capita.


New Haven's climate is tempered by its location on Long Island Sound. Winters are milder, with less snow accumulation, than inland winters. Typically, summers are moderately warm and humid. Precipitation is evenly spread throughout the year, and heavy snow is unusual in the immediate coastal area.

Financial aid

Doctoral students who are accepted to Yale University’s program usually receive financial support (tuition and stipend) for their entire period of study, provided their performance is satisfactory. A unique feature of this doctoral program is support during the first year from University Fellowships; this financial independence gives beginning graduate students the freedom to explore various topics with different faculty members. After their first year, students are usually appointed Assistants in Research, and their tuition support and stipend come from the grants and contracts of their faculty research advisors.

Crowd and campus life

Yale has a plethora of cultural clubs, student associations and facilities for athletics and recreation. Yale is the alma mater of some of the best leaders in the world- enough for us to know the level of the activities undertaken by these student run organizations.


Hillary Clinton; Raymond Davis Jr. (Ph.D. 1942), Nobel Laureate Physics, in 2002; David inventor of the screw propeller, submarine, naval mine, and time bomb; Lee De Forest (B.S. 1896, Ph.D. 1899), inventor of the triode; Eric Fossum (Ph.D. 1984), inventor of CMOS image sensor and the list goes on!

Website: http://www.yale.edu/