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Florida Atlantic University opened its gates to students in the year 1964. It is a public university which was the first of its kind in south-east Florida and initially it provided only upper-division and graduate level courses. The first batch in its entirety comprised of 867 students and currently it boasts of imparting education to around 30,000 students coming from 140 countries and 50 states.
There are 10 colleges under this university and; total number of degrees offered are 180 (undergraduate and graduate) and additionally there is a professional degree being offered by the College of Medicine. It takes in 48% percent of the students who had originally applied and the in-state tuition is around $4,831 and the out of state tuition falls around $17,276. It is popularly known as the home of the country’s most industrious record label company: Hoot/Wisdom Recordings. FAU’s Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute is a distinguished facility worldwide which ropes in students and faculty willing to specialize /teach in areas like marine life research and conservation, ocean engineering, etc.

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It is situated in Boca Raton, Florida and it has branched out in the form of five satellite campuses which can be found in the cities of Jupiter, Fort Lauderdale, Dania Beach, Davie and Fort Pierce.


The main campus which is in Boca Raton was selected as a burrowing owl sanctuary by the Audubon Society in 1971. This particular campus boasts of a 6,000-gallon shark tank intended for aquatic research, athletic and recreational facilities, a movie theatre apart from the regular labs and classrooms. This particular campus spans across 850acres and proudly shows off its mascot; the feisty owl known for its wisdom and resolve.

Residing Options

Students can find residence in the Boca Raton and John D.MacArthur campuses. Freshmen who have not crossed the age of 21 are required to make the university housing their temporary home. Students can avail various on-campus housing facilities like University Village Apartments (UVA), Glades Park Towers, Heritage Park Towers, Parliament Hall among others. Innovation Village Apartments are ideal for upperclass students as they can reside in apartments which have various facilities like a pool, fitness centers, lounges, retail dining, volleyball court, etc.


Mostly the weather is warm but at the same time pleasant. So shorts, tank tops and flip flops are the ideal clothes for this kind of climate. Sometimes South Florida is prone to hurricanes and tropical storms, so students should be mentally prepared for that kind of extreme weather. Sometimes the weather really gets too much to bear due to the strong winds and floods; students can try to handle the temperature by resorting to rain boots, coats, and umbrellas.

Faculty and pedagogy

The faculty- student ratio is 1:20. This university is well known for its diverse students who despite belonging to different races and ethnicities are treated fairly and equally by their professors. The professors especially the ones at College of Business are world class and provide an excellent education to the students. They are passionate towards intellectual success and aim to make t5heir students competent and ready for their future workplace.

Financial aid

FAU offers various scholarships and grants to the freshmen and transfer students. Scholarships are mainly granted on academic merit and apart from this importance is also attached to financial need and prior work experience. Sometimes FAU provides grants to students who are in dire need of financial help academically but the main criteria to avail this benefit is to show that one has been a student in the university for at least half-time and have shown excellent academic performance. There is also the federal work study program which enables eligible students who fulfill certain criteria to earn money by working. Apart from this, there are various community part time jobs like tutoring, filing, babysitting, sitting on the reception desk, etc for students who can save some money by working there.

Jobs and placements

FAU collaborates with potential employers to recruit students in various fields and jobs. A large number of career development programs and opportunities to network and interact with various heads of companies is provided by this university. BOCA internship and part-time job fair is one such event which allows students to interact with local employers, explore their area of interest and earn money at the same time.

Crowd and campus life

FAU like any other place has its share of the good and bad crowd. Its up to the individual to decide who they want to associate themselves with.Besides sitting in the dorm room all day and not mingling with peers is not a good way to spend your college life. FAU students say that if one is into extracurricular activities like sailing, climbing and diving then this place is heaven for them.
The beach nearby in Boca offers you a pleasant distraction. Sometimes students complain that surrounding restaurants and hang out places are expensive for a student to afford but if one has enough money to splurge then there are ample places to get entertained.


  • Steven Swanson- Flight engineer, Astronaut
  • Jaime Faith Edmonson- Police Officer
  • Jim Naugle- Politician
  • Frank Brogan-Chancellor of the State University System of Florida, Former Lieutenant Governor of Florida, President of Florida Atlantic University

  • Verdict

    FAU’s diverse student body, safe campus, and energetic environment is an ideal place for any student. Its athletic facilities is another plus point for students who are into sports. The caring and supportive teachers and campus placements are other highlights of this place. All in all, one should not hesitate twice before applying here.

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