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If you are searching for an international university for your further studies to have an edge over your Indian counterparts who rather prefer studying at home, the State University of New York at New Paltz can be a smart choice. Also known as SUNY, it was founded in the year 1828, as the New Paltz Classical School and in 1833, it reorganized into an academy. In the entire NY metropolitan area, it is one of the four SUNY institutions.
The university follows a semester-based curriculum and stands at the 24th spot in the 2016 edition of Best Colleges and Regional Universities in the North of US. From more than 20 years, the SUNY in New Paltz has received the most number of student applications as compared to all the other three SUNY institutions here. It offers more than 50 graduate degree programs and over 100 programs for undergraduates.

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This SUNY is located in the town of New Paltz in New York. It is close to Clintondale and Tillson, and easily accessible by NH 32 and 87. The university has an urban setting with a number of restaurants, shopping centers, pubs and Minnewaska State Park nearby.


SUNY in New Paltz is spread across 257 acres of land. It has more than 10 residence halls and the campus has more than 20 academic buildings. This includes, Sojourner Truth Library, Haggerty Administration Building, Old Main Building, Dining Halls, State Union Buildings and multiple ports and gymnasium areas. The campus also has three theaters- McKenna Theater, Parker Theater and Max and Nadia Shephard Recital Hall.
There are three on – campus theatres that can offer seating to 366, 200, 125 people at a time. There is also Samuel Dorsky Museum of Arts that offers 5,000 work of American art.
There is a big library known as The Sojourner Truth Library that collects different library collections and offer to the students of the university.
There is also a Fine Art Building Student Gallery which showcases the works of the students and the Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art at the center of the campus that has multiple galleries.

Residing Options

The residence halls of the university are coed and are divided three different complexes- Hasbrouck Complex, South Complex and Parker Complex. . Students who want to live on-campus have a number of living options to choose from, including suite style, corridor style, special interest groups and contract study. Every residence hall offers many different types of facilities, like computer terminals, laundry room, meeting lounge, along with study lounge. Apart from this, every residence hall has a microwave, kitchenette area and atleast one TV lounge.
There are various options for the students who do not want to live in the campus. You can live in Southside Terrace Apartments that are quite affordable. Or, you can even rent a house with your friends. The cost can be anywhere from $450 to $700 per month. The cost depends on the location of the house.


New Paltz experiences Northeastern climate and weather. The best part of this is that, you can enjoy all the 4 seasons at their best here, whereas, the only downside is that the winters can be very cold at times. The SUNY campus at New Paltz is highly focused on outdoor activities and students generally stop hanging outside when it gets very frigid. If you enjoy snow and long winters, there are some classes at the university that allows you to visit the streams and mountains nearby and enjoy the winter in all its glory.

Faculty and pedagogy

The student-faculty ratio at the university is 15:1. The professors at the university are known to be very helpful and won’t mind going out of their way to help the students. Even though many of them are published authorities in their field, they are easy to approach and understand. Ofcourse, there are some bad apples as well, but the over-qualification of the majority of them makes of for the lackluster performance of the bad ones. The university is known to offer high-quality education, which is very much evident through the increasing student application and improvements in its rankings in the recent years.

Financial aid

The in-state tuition and fees of the university is $7,508 and $17,058 for out of the state students in the year 2014-15. Almost 60% of full-time undergraduates get some type of financial aid and its average is $4,840.
TA is given to those graduate students who are doing well in academics and are working hard for god progress in studies. RA is given to those students who are full – time matriculated students in the university and those who have 2.75 GPA. Students who want RA must have attended one full semester minimum and must have lived in residence hall for at least one semester.

Jobs and placements

SUNY at New Paltz also helps in connecting the students with some of the best of companies throughout the world. On-campus recruitment drives, interviews, career seminars and fairs, publicity of job openings, etc. are organized by the university to try and help students in finding a job as soon as they finish their studies.
Various government and non – government organizations come in this university to offer jobs to well – deserved students. They can either offer, full – time, part – time, or internships to the students. The packages offered by these organizations are satisfactory to the students, and many of them have happily agreed to the offers they have got.

Crowd and campus life

While most of the students at the university are from Long Islands and New York, there is also a healthy mix of African Americans, Asian Islanders and Latinos are also in abundance. International students only make around 2% of the total student body. The campus of the university is full of life as the clubs at the university organize events on a regular basis. Every student gets a chance to involve themselves on the campus and is sure to find a club of his/her liking. The never-ending construction process at the university can be a little annoying at times. But, at the end, it is for the betterment of the students. For instance, one of the new additions is the Athletic and Wellness Center which has world-class workout equipment and also has an indoor track. Food at the campus is excellent and there are multiple dining options. The Tokyo Sushi, located in the Student Union Building is known to offer some really delicious delicacies. Overall, the students can have a fun-filled experience at the university, which offers a lot more than studies to ensure that the students have an overall growth.
There are varieties of things to do on campus, like – there are frequent organizations of student’s events, support student clubs, you can manage the Emerging Leader Program, you can even manage the Student Union. As far as the off campus is concerned, there are various attractions and tourist places where you can visit. There are various activities to do, and many things from the local culture to learn. There is one commuter lounge where you can hang out with your friends, do your work, watch TV, heat your lunch with the help of a microwave, or charge your phone as well.


  • Murali Coryell- Guitarist;
  • Michael Badalucco- Actor;
  • Regina Calcaterra- Author;
  • James Dolas- CEO of Cablevision;
  • Robert Kyncl- Vice President in Google.

  • Verdict

    Even though the State University of New York in New Paltz is not too huge, it does offer world-class education and that is what matters in the end. Its campus is diverse, and you can find students from a number of parts of the world studying at the university. All you need to do is to concentrate on your academics and the fun will automatically come to you. If you are looking to enjoy your college years, this university is the place to be.

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