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From being a teacher college, the movement of Texas A&M University-Kingsville was swift but measured. Having been chartered in 1917 and opened in 1925, the college quickly grew to take on more courses and handing out more degrees that any other colleges in the region. This holds true even today as it offers the most scholarships and courses in the Southern Texas region. Incorporated into the Texas A&m system in 1989, the name of the university also changed to reflect this. With diverse course options for both the undergraduate and the graduate level, the standard of education is very high.

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Located close to the border of Mexico, the college is on a scenic area, close to the urban population without overcrowding. Situated in the historic Kingsville, home for the legendary King Ranch, it’s sister college, Texas A&M University- Corpus Christi is just 40 miles away.
Along with access key cards and dorm room cards, you have lighted pathways and 27 hour foot and vehicle security throughout the campus. You do not have to worry about travelling late in the night as you get shuttle services as well as patrolling in all the necessary places.


Since the majority of the student body is Hispanic, the architecture of the University also resounds this heritage. With red-tiled roofs, curving turrets and more, the college infrastructure as well exudes diversity. With 1061 acres of land, the main bulk of the buildings can still be found in just 250 acres which consists of 85 buildings.
The rest of the area has a lot of farms which double up as research centres. One of the main research centres, the Citrus Centre, is known for its research of the different types of citrus that can be genetically modified and produced.

Residing Options

University around seven residence halls available, the students can opt to live in either dorm style rooms or in shared apartments and suites. These apartments and suites have all the basic amenities such as a bed, table, a/c, wifi, cable and more. Along with traditional male and female dorm rooms, you also get shared rooms which might make the international students a little hard to get used to.
Along with these dorms, you also have the Living Learning Communities which means you work together as a community to take care of the hall you are living in and get together to use the fitness rooms, art centres, lounges and more. You get to choose if you prefer single or shared rooms in the suites, apartments and the dorm rooms according to your convenience.
While most students prefer to live on-campus, there are off campus living options as well. This depends on the attendance and the discipline on the students and their eligibility for the same. With off campus living options such as studio apartments and suits just few miles away from the college, you will end up paying anywhere between $475 to $600 for the same.


Although it is located in Texas, the weather is surprisingly pleasant all year along. With a summer high of just 28 C and a winter low of 15.6 C, it is perfect for international students who are not very fond of the cold weather. With rainfall and precipitation not too high, getting to experience the rain might be a treat that is hard to come by though. International students should however be prepared for the wind-chill in the winter months and pack accordingly.

Faculty and pedagogy

With almost 75% of the faculty having a Ph.D, there is an assurance of getting top-of-the-line education. Not only if there a ratio of 21:1, you can be sure that the teachers will guide you and help out in the tutoring centres as well. Thanks to the faculty, the highest number of graduates and scholarships awarded are from this University.

Financial aid

Although the acceptance rate is quite high at 83%, the financial aid you will receive is mostly in the form of scholarships, grants (for research students) and the option of Work-study. This means that they will employ you in the campus and waive the fees that still needs to be paid from it. This can be done as teachers assistants and research assistants. You will get to learn more and work a particular amount of hours in exchange for your tuition getting rebated.

Jobs and placements

With engineering subjects being one of the top picked subjects in the university, the number of job offers that come in are more in their favour. With a decent salary, the students are either not too satisfied or quit soon enough to study more.

Crowd and campus life

With such a diverse community, you get the opportunity to meet and interact with people from all walks of life. Although there is a Greek Life present, the interaction between them and the non-Greek students is very minimal.
There are a number of things to do in and around the campus. Along with a major sports vibe that runs throughout the university, you get to join any club that you are interested in ranging from the Agriculture club to the arts club, robotics club and much more.
The college also has a huge sports fields, track, fitness centres and more to keep you occupied, You can also go and explore the town or the places nearby on your days off.
While you learn to mix with people, you might find it hard to find people from your own country as there are only 6% of international students in the University.


  • Eva Longoria- actress
  • Mike Adams, MLB Pitcher- Texan Rangers
  • James Crumbley- crime novelist
  • Juan Castillo- NFL coach
  • Pete Saenz, Mayor of laredo

  • Verdict

    While the university is still small, you get the opportunity to learn a lot by living with a multitude of races and people from across the country. As an international student, you get the opportunity to live and study independently. However, with finance being an issue, it is wise to read about the scholarships offered before considering the university as your first choice.

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