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Established in 1912, University of Colorado at Denver is a public research university in the U.S. state of Colorado. It is part of the University of Colorado system. With a total enrollment of around 18,000 students UCD is considered as the university in the Colorado system.

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With not to deep historical or cultural background, Denver has a stand for contemporariness in its society. A gold mine turned city has done a great success in the previous century. In the sets of tourism Denver has National Green Park and few man made visuals in the city which attract ample number of tourists. Apart from all this there are few known bars and cafeterias which are worth a visit and never bore you.


The university’s campus is divided into 3 parts Auraria Campus is located to the southwest of downtown Denver in the Auraria Neighborhood, on Speer Boulevard and Auraria Parkway. CU Denver shares the Auraria Campus with two additional institutes of higher education, making this campus one-of-a-kind: Metropolitan State University of Denver and the Community College of Denver. Infrastructure is relatively modern and classy, there are few buildings which are old and those are marked as assembly halls now. All the campuses are located within the city with a 350 acre of a pretty area.

Residing Options

The campus provides residential options for their students with apartments ranging from 8,000-8,500 US$ for a year which is pretty cheap as per the local per sq ft price.


Denver is a semi-arid continental region. City lies on the footsteps of Rocky Mountains so sudden climate changes can be expected. The climate is usually sunny throughout the year with an average temperature of 23C in the afternoon. The warmest month is July and the temperature can drop down till -1.2C during winters. Else the climate is quite adaptable and does not affect much unless it is summers.

Faculty and pedagogy

Even though the university has tried to recruit the best out there, the students aren’t happy with it. There are consecutive sequences of issues between faculty and students. Call it ego clash or anything. As per few students the faculty is rude and irresponsible as they teach from the books of old syllabus while the university provides them with books of new syllabus. There have been such problems and university has tried to work on it every time, but they fail.

Financial aid

Just like other Universities of Colorado this university provides with carious kind of financial aids. There are no specific scholarships announced regularly.

Jobs and placements

University was established almost a century ago and has a number of connections with the firms. They try hard to get these firms recruit students, but every time the firm is not looking for employees so it truly depends on your hard work and a bit of luck.


  • Rick Alden, 1996, Owner and CEO Skullcandy
  • Insook Bhushan, Olympic table tennis player


Apart from the administration and easy life of Denver there are other things one must take care of. If there are problems happening amongst the students and faculty, then you must evaluate the situation first and then think about applying. The place has a good environment for study. The town has a good population but you would never hear the traffic sound. The only way to win in this university is by showing off your hard-work to the professors.

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