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The University of Massachusetts known as the UMass Boston is an urban public research university located in Boston that was founded in 1964. It is the third largest campus in the University of Massachusetts system out of five and is the only public university in Boston. It utilizes a semester-based academic calendar. The UMass has eleven schools and college that offer bachelors, masters, and doctoral degrees. Also, operates certificate programs and a corporate, continuing, and distance learning program. The UMass Boston with 82 undergraduate programs across it 11 schools has popular areas that include business, health professions and social sciences. Also, the University sponsors more than 30 research centers and institutes that include the Sustainable Solutions Lab.

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The University of Massachusetts Boston, as its names indicates is located in Boston Massachusetts in an urban city with easy access to the city's downtown area in the William T Morrissey Boulevard. It is also surrounded by the Boston HarborWalk which follows the actual Boston Harbor shoreline. Since the University is close to the Old Harbor Park, students can enjoy from nice coffee shops and stores near campus.


The University of Massachusetts campus size is 186 acres and is located off Interstate 93, with more than 30 buildings including the Healey Library, Campus Center, The Recital Hall, Computer Science Department, Beacon Fitness Center, the Venture Development Center and more. Also a lot of renovation has been going on in the infrastructure since it was founded like the Wheatley and McCormack Halls, the Science Center the Bayside Expo Center and others. The campus has great green areas that go along perfectly with the Harbor shoreline that surround the campus and is perfect for a run or go biking around at any time.

Residing Options

The University of Massachusetts Boston offers an Office of Student Housing for those students looking to be oriented for local housing. Although the university does not own any housing complexes or manage any residence halls, they will inform you about the options you have near campus, however, they will not make reservations appointments or rental commitment, that part, is up to the student. International students are usually guided by the office about the requirement they need to lease or rent an apartment. Some of the famous housing residences near campus are Carson Tower, Harbor Point On The Bay, West Square, 26 West Broadway and Peninsula Apartments.


Boston’s weather is mostly cold and humid; there are no many warm days and most of the time is windy. The warm season in Boston lasts about three months and a half with an average daily high temperature above 73°F but usually temperatures over 90 degrees are not normal in the city. The cold season usually goes from December to March Boston's daytime high never makes it above 32 degrees, the thermometer on most winter nights in Boston dips to below freezing so you should be prepared for the cold days.

Faculty and pedagogy

The faculty in UMass Boston does have an interest in teaching and imparting knowledge to others. Half of the professors are experienced people, specialized in their specific area or as it is known they are “tenure-tracks” including poets Lloyd Schwartz (who was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Criticism), author Padraig O'Malley, feminist scholar Carol Cohn, economists Julie A. Nelson, political scientists Thomas Ferguson and more. On the other hand, although they are many experienced professors students complain is hard to get into classes since they fill up very quickly. Also, students claim it is difficult to communicate with the administration when they have a problem that they need to solve.

Financial aid

The University of UMass Boston offers more than $150 million every year in financial aid to students and it usually comes from the Federal Government, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the UMass Boston. The type of aid depends on who is offering it, Federal funding usually offers Grants and Loans, the State funding sources offer only Grants and the UMass Boston offers the UMass Boston Fee Grant, Merit-Based Awards based on academic performance, the Academic Achievement Award, Dean's Scholarship, Beacon Scholarship and the Need-Based Tuition Credit. Graduate students are supported by assistantships that are managed by the student and the graduate school department. A downside of the university is that even though UMass Boston attracts many international students you need to be able to pay for tuition since they do not offer financial aid for International students.

Jobs and placements

As a graduate of the UMass Boston, the majors of Business Administration, Psychology, Nursing and Health Sciences seem to have the highest earning rate after graduation. A relative median salary after graduation in all the majors could be over the $46.000 USD a year. Now, when it comes to student employment, if you have a Federal Work Study Award you can apply for position on and off-campus, if you don’t get the award you can apply only for on-campus positions trough the Institutional Student Employment Program. If students have trouble finding and job, they can always take a look at the job list in Beacon Careers online website where jobs and internships are posted by the university.

Crowd and campus life

The crowd at the UMass is great, it has a large population when it comes to undergraduate students and the gender distribution is not paired with a percentage of 58% female - 42% male. The diversity on campus seems to be goof across all factors; the biggest communities after Americans are the Hispanic community followed by the Asian. On the other hand, many students complain about the campus social life since they claim there are no as many activities as it is expected and that campus is always under construction which makes it really messy but you can always find nice bars and clubs near the university area.


  • Cory Atkins, (B.S. 1979), Member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives
  • Alton J. Brann, B.A. 1969, former President and CEO of Litton Industries
  • Paul M. English, B.A. 1987 and M.S. 1989 (both in Computer Science), Co-Founder and CTO of
  • Biz Stone, Co-Founder of Twitter
  • Steve Sweeney, B.A. 1974, Comedian


For Massachusetts residents, it can be considerate a safe admission and the tuition could be very affordable. However, the rest of students can some type of aid except international that does not have it as easy. Student at the UMass Boston may have the opportunity to learn with great experience professor but classes seem to be crowded so there are a few of cons and pros to take in count when it comes to choosing this university.

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