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Missouri, United States

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University of Missouri, Kansas City or UMKC is part of the University of Missouri system of colleges and was established in early 1930. It is a small campus of less than 150 acres and has a few masters’ degree programmes to offer in Engineering.

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UMKC is located right in the heart of Kansas City in Missouri. UMKC is a two hour drive from the main UM campus. The local area will give you a near perfect feel of a big city with almost anything and everything available and happening, although not as good as a New York or Chicago. The School of Engineering is in the Volker campus of UMKC and the course is conducted in Flarsheim Hall.
There are parks, museums and plenty of social life in and around UMKC. Columbia is a 2 hour drive from UMKC while you can reach Chicago in less than 8 hours. Overall, the location is pretty good.


UMKC is just a small city campus where facilities are crammed up. It isn’t as open as a more famous University campus but yes, top facilities are up and running. The campus is always clean and looks good overall. Even the libraries are good (the college isn’t as good for Engineering as it is for its other streams). Overall, the campus infrastructure is good and as long as the college is in the heart of the city, why would students bother!

Residing Options

Both dormitories and apartments in the campus are really liked by students. They are decently large and have all facilities and you have the added advantage of staying close to your school, attend social events in campus. The only problem is that students find on campus housing really expensive.Staying Off campus will surely help you save some bucks on living. A lot of apartments are available both near the campus and a few miles away too which of course, determines how much you will pay for your stay. Some students end up staying at unsafe areas for real cheap, which isn’t as good a deal as it seems.


UMKC campus is right between Kansas and Missouri which makes its weather fluctuation immense. It is mostly a lot windy all round the year and the weather can change for warm to cold by the clock in a day! There is snowfall for a couple of months when it is really cold but apart from that the weather is fine. Summers too hover around 30-32 degree Celsius which isn’t too hot for Indians.

Faculty and pedagogy

Although the University came into existence in the 1930s, its school of Engineering has been established only recently in 2001. There are very few masters’ programmes in UMKC, just four in number which obviously means that the domain of engineering studies is really small in UMKC. The faculty is fine, a very small lot though. Classes are small and yes, students do get some effective attention during their work.

Financial aid

Students can approach the University for the Dean’s International Scholar Award (DISA) which can help an international student immensely. The International Student Ambassador Program Scholarship is awarded to eight UMKC international students every year, which too, is helpful.Students can also work part time to meet their expenses; the college helps the students to secure such on campus or off campus jobs.

Jobs and placements

UMKC has the advantage of being situated in a big city which makes it really easy for students to network with the bigwigs of Engineering and sciences especially in the IT and computers industry. This really helps eventually to secure jobs, internships and project partnerships.

Crowd and campus life

Crowd in UMKC is just fine. The in state students are generally from the city and are rich while a lot of International students join UKMC only for its low tuition even though it’s a tier two college. As most facilities are available in the campus, the crowd makes the best use of it. You will surely find your match and enjoy the social life but this isn’t place to be for the great American academic dream.Campus life, though, is amazing. It is a city, you can expect the best of all options to chill and enjoy.


Harry Truman (Didn’t graduate) – 33rd President of the United States of America


For is tolerable weather, amazing city atmosphere and above average facilities UMKC is worth the choice only if you fail to get any other college of your choice and still want to pursue a masters in the USA. You really can take the risk as not everybody is jobless after graduating, after all.

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