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University of Pittsburgh is a public research university founded in 1787. As the name suggests, the institution is located in the large city of Pittsburgh and state Pennsylvania. UPitt has been in the top cluster of seven leading public universities and is ranked in the top 30 of the States. Even though there are the likes of CMU and UPenn in the same state, UPitt is also one of the hot favourites of an average Indian student profile considering that it’s a public university.

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Located in USA’s one of the largest cities, Pittsburgh, and the happening state, Pennsylvania, University of Pittsburgh is quite centrally situated within the city. Although the city is primarily known for its steel industry, currently the economy runs through education, technology, technology and health care, which in turn means the job opportunities are pretty excellent.


The UPitt campus is spread over 132 acres which is quite less as compared to the hundreds of universities in the US of A. One of the vast libraries in the USA, UPitt has more than 15 main libraries covering millions of volumes of all the possible courses. There are various recreational centers within the campus starting from basketball court to the gymnasium followed with multiple cafeterias and bars.

Residing Options

The on campus housing can cost you roughly about $5,500 per year with dorms is just about average condition. Most of the graduate students prefer to stay off campus in areas like North Oakland, South Oakland and Shadyside. Since, Oakland is adjacent to the campus, the prices are on the higher side but the beauty of the room is class apart. The rent charges of the apartments vary from $350 to $1,200 per month depending upon the size of the room and the number of roommates.


Pittsburgh faces four different seasons with precipitation almost going round the year. Summers are hot and humid while the winters are freakishly cold. Snowfall starts from the month of November and sometimes goes on till early February. Spring and autumn (fall, for you wannabe Americans) are definitely the most looked-forward-to seasons where the temperature is average. All in all, students love the weather as they get to experience a huge variation.

Faculty and pedagogy

Faculty at UPitt is known for its level of cooperativeness provided you approach them with your doubts. Most of the professors have some crazy-sounding degrees and PhDs, and some are Nobel laureates as well. Students are pretty satisfied with their teachers though some complain about the accent of foreign professors.

Financial aid

Though UPitt is a definitely a notch below its brothers CMU and UPenn, it surely isn’t that simple to get in for a just about average profile. As the university is funded by the state of Pennsylvania, students do get a Financial aid/scholarship depending upon the level of the profile. Yes, Research and Teaching Assistantship are gettable if you maintain your academics well above the average mark.

Jobs and placements

Now, getting a job isn’t something you should worry about at UPitt. But getting the job you’ve always dreamt of isn’t going to be terribly easy. It’s a good idea to get in touch with the Career Center well in advance, while also making sure that your acads are up to the mark throughout college. Get that done, and you should be fine. Delollite Consulting, PWC, US Airways, US Navy, American Eagle, Ford Motor Company, and Walt Disney World are the standard MNC’s that hire graduate students from the University of Pittsburgh.

Crowd and campus life

Well, most of the students in UPitt are from the nearby cities and states of USA followed by a few Asians (Indians majorly). There is an equal ratio of boys and girls within the university but girls outdo boys in terms of appearance and looks. Many student communities and festivals run round the year with sports like ball game, football and baseball being the favourites of this university.
Students enjoy their nightlife to the fullest with Oakland and Shadyside as the popular areas for bars, pubs and discotheques. Oakland, being one of the busiest cities in the States, impresses the students with various things it has to offer. Peter’s Pub, Matrix, Hemingway’s Café, Fuel and Fuddle, India Garden and Union Park are one of the famous restaurants/bars frequently visited by the students of Pittsburgh.
All in all, students are pretty satisfied with the college life and rarely complain about anything.


  • Bob Colwell - Chief architect of Pentium Pro, Pentium II, III and IV
  • Kevin March - CFO and Senior VP of Texas Instruments
  • Jagdish Sheth - World renowned business consultant and core group member of many top B-Schools


The strategic location of the city, the variation in weather and elder brothers like CMU and UPenn, raises the bar of University of Pittsburgh. Though most of the students dream to get into the other two, it’s a good bet for an average profile to join Upitt.

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