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Fall 2019 / Spring 2019 University Deadlines for MS / Masters Applications

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University application deadlines may vary based on the intake. Fall (most popular intake) applications usually start from September (early deadlines) and go on till April (final application deadlines) with the peak being around January. Many students are confused about when college applications are due. Many universities require you to apply before the early deadline to be eligible for scholarships. So it’s always recommended to apply early.

All university application deadlines, especially for international students, are regularly updated on Yocket. You can even filter by a particular university or course to check the particular deadlines. This makes it much easier to understand the university application deadlines.

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University Course Term Deadline
East Carolina University Occupational Safety Spring 20 Dec, 2018
East Carolina University Health Education Spring 20 Dec, 2018
East Carolina University Substance Abuse and Clinical Counseling Spring 20 Dec, 2018
Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi Elementary Education Spring 20 Dec, 2018
Georgia Institute of Technology Mathematical Sciences Summer 20 Dec, 2018
Nova Southeastern University Biomedical Informatics Winter 20 Dec, 2018
University of California, San Diego Structural Engineering Fall 21 Dec, 2018
University of Toronto Biomedical Communications Fall 21 Dec, 2018
Polytechnic Institute Of New York University Bioinformatics Summer 21 Dec, 2018
University of Toronto Genetic Counseling Fall 22 Dec, 2018
Virginia Tech Aerospace Engineering Fall 30 Dec, 2018
Johns Hopkins University Civil Engineering Fall 30 Dec, 2018
Michigan State University Electrical Engineering Fall 30 Dec, 2018
Johns Hopkins University Materials Science & Engineering Fall 30 Dec, 2018
Purdue University West Lafayette English Fall 30 Dec, 2018
University of Melbourne Engineering Management Fall (Financial Aid) 30 Dec, 2018
University of Melbourne Energy Systems Fall (Financial Aid) 30 Dec, 2018
University of Melbourne Telecommunications Engineering Fall (Financial Aid) 30 Dec, 2018
University of Washington Computer Science & Systems Spring 30 Dec, 2018
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Fall 31 Dec, 2018

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There can be numerous types of deadlines that universities publish on their websites. We've tried to explain these below and make it easier for students to understand the types of University Application Deadlines. However, you should keep in mind that deadline dates as well as the types of deadlines vary from university to university. It's best to reconfirm the deadline for a particular university on their website as universities keep updating these dates regularly. So once you have shortlisted on the universities you would like to apply for, start tracking when are college applications due. Mark your calendar so that you won’t forget.

Types of university application deadlines

Priority Deadline:
When you apply before priority deadlines applicable for a few universities, you might get an admission decision earlier than expected.

Scholarship Consideration Deadline:
There is an abundance of scholarships and financial aid available to help international students out. However, many universities require you to apply before a certain deadline (usually earlier than the regular or final application deadline) for you to be eligible for scholarships.

Regular Deadlines:
This type of University Application deadlines are the most common. Usually universities expect candidates to apply before this deadline and decisions are declared within a few weeks of applying.

Rolling Admissions Deadline:
University with a rolling admissions deadline accept applications until programs fill up. There are chances that you might end up losing your spot if the class fills up, so it is best not to wait for too long. Some universities with rolling admissions will still have set admission deadlines for particular academic courses.

Late Application Deadline:
Although you should submit the application before the deadline, late applications may be considered for some courses in a few universities. If the students missed don’t meet the main application deadline, they can still apply for other courses. Your application depends on the number of students who applied on time and accepted their spot after the admission selection round. There's often a late fee charge to apply.

Final Deadline:
Final deadline is the last call for the applicants. The university will mention the last date to submit the application. So, it can be said that after this the University will stop taking any applications.


Example on how to search for university deadlines on Yocket:

Let's say you're searching for the deadline to apply at ASU or Northeastern University for MS in Computer Science. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Under "Filter Deadlines by University" start typing the name of the university: ASU or Northeastern University
  2. Wait for suggested results from the search and select the desired university.
  3. Choose the closest category of your course, i.e., Computer Science and Engineering
  4. Choose the intake (optional), i.e., Fall, Spring, Summer, Winter etc. and hit filter to see the results
  5. If you wish to check for another set of courses or universities, just reset the results.