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ATHLONE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY (AIT) is a refuge in the educational system of Ireland. It is an institution equipped infra-structurally to transform every man's dreams to reality. The school was formed in 1970 by the government of Ireland and is one of the few Schools awarded the title, “sanctuary” which was a result of the school's tenacious efforts to provide refuge to those fleeing from other places in search of asylum and allowing them to be a part of the school's society. The school is the 3rd in Ireland to be awarded the title, presented to it by the organization called Places of Sanctuary” in the country of Ireland.

The school is accredited and acknowledged by a quality assessment body in its locality, the department of education and skills in Ireland. This year 2018 the Good University Guide rated the school “top of the list” in comparison to other notable schools at Ireland, a feat the institution gained by consistently looking for the loopholes in the system and working with an end to resolve them.

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The institute is situated at the heart of Ireland, precisely at County Westmeath, right next to the main points and areas in Ireland. The school is easily accessible by the different means of transportation at Dublin, by road and railway.

There is malt house minutes away from the school which operates at night, known mainly for its serene and welcoming atmosphere, close to it is a Castle which is very entertaining called The Athlone castle visitor center, it operates as so many things an exhibition building, game center, tourist center etc. It is a place that draws the interest of tourist and visitors; it is located at the west part of river shanon in Ireland.


The Athlone Institute is seated on a 9,715 m2 piece of land, the institute is built as a place that provides the necessary educational training and experience and is easily accessible to students and refugees from all over the world. Some of its infrastructural facilities are: A well-stocked library, the Oliver Goldsmith library, and a modernized hall for the purpose of performing, a sport and fitness training center, and finally a 2000 capacity arena house. The institute also houses great number clubs and student societies.

Residing Options

Athlone Institute of technology doesn't own any accommodation on the campus but works readily with the student union of the school to make sure each student gets their desired accommodation, and are not exploited by the private rental bodies.

There are a lot of good houses and lodges in Ireland, convenient, luxurious, well furnished, and affordable accommodations, which make it easy for students to get settled in well, and the student union makes sure students are well posted about the best accommodation deals around.


The region of Athlone has one of the most pleasant climates the rainy season lasts for 7 months August to march with a few storms, while the dry season lasts for 4 months it starts by August and ends by March the next year.

 The weather is best for visitation and tourism at the ending of the months of June and August, also the months with extreme weather are: January which is the coldest month in the year, August the driest month and finally October the month with the most rain.

Faculty and pedagogy

To teach, the staffs combine theory with real-life situations, even their own personal experiences all combined together with the course outline, with an aim to not just teach but to ensure its students become as valuable as they can be to the job market. To achieve and maintain this quality the school yearly upgrades its staff, employing more qualified teachers and tutors. The school has 3 major fields the Faculty of Business, the faculty of science, faculty of Engineering. 

The school has its curriculum tailored in such a way that its students upon graduation can efficiently satisfy the needs of their various employers in an innovative and creative manner, making them more effective than graduates from other institutions.

The school has a department called the Learning and Teaching Unit, which was created to oversee the learning and teaching process in Athlone Institute, the staff of this unit has it as a major course of duty to, create and maintain an environment which gives room for individuals of different learning capacities, styles, and background to be carried along while being taught, respectfully.

Financial aid

The school has a culture and a society that is student-oriented, due to this it has parameters built  to support its students financially especially those who have challenges, it also encourages those of its students who are financially disadvantaged or those who are encountering similar challenges to reach out to the appropriate authorities in the school, to get assistance.

Recently the institute created another program “AIT Institute of Sanctuary Scholarship Program, this scholarship runs on a yearly basis and comes in 2 forms, tuition waiver, and cash. The school also has a scholarship program for its MBA, which is financed singlehandedly by one of the alumni, it is also very important to note that there are no scholarships or grants available for undergraduate students.

Jobs and placements

The school has many opportunities for its students to work and put into practical use, knowledge gained by working jobs and enrolling for placements, which is open to them throughout their stay and study in the institution, these opportunities are provided by the institute to grow their skills and give them ground to put in practical use knowledge they acquire by working jobs and enrolling for placements. The institute supports and fosters these activities with the hope that through these work hours provided to the students by their employers, they grow the necessary skills and gain the needed experience to achieve their personal ambitions in their different areas of choice and passion.


  • Gabrielle McFadden - Irish Fine Gael politician
  • Nicky McFadden - Irish Fine Gael politician 
  • David McGowan - Former rugby union player
  • Shane Lowry - Irish professional golfer 
  • Anne Rigney - Contemporary Irish visual artist and sculptor


A promise fulfilled, hope actualized, ATHLONE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY has a history of helping a great percent of its students who find themselves in trying situations, financially and otherwise. And as an institution, it encourages its staff and employees to also be of help when such opportunity comes up. The school also stands out as a beacon to help those seeking asylum achieve a good education and is highly recommended to those seeking to study in a warm and hospitable atmosphere.

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