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About Baruch College - The City University of New York

THE CITY UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK is one of the few schools that understand that the educational system was built not for it is self but for the PEOPLE, that go to it. Since the school's inception in 1847, its sole mission has been to not just provide quality education, but most importantly make it accessible to everyone that needs an education REGARDLESS of their background. Known in short as CUNY is the largest urban university system in the city of New York and the whole United States, hosting More than 274,000 students in different levels, degree, continuing education, and professional education.

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Just like the name implies the school has facilities not in one place but all over the City Of New York in its five different boroughs. The city is highly populated and has offers lots of exciting experience for its inhabitants. For instance, there are several shopping malls where you could get anything you need with ease. One can easily feel at ease during evenings with the various relaxation centers in the city, this include restaurants, bars, night clubs and other places of social gathering.


Located in all boroughs of New York City, the University has different types of facilities in its different campuses, a combination of the conventional and the state of the art facilities.

In total the school's buildings number up to 300; and this includes classrooms, computer centers, science and research labs, theaters, fitness centers, greenhouses, astronomy observatories, multipurpose buildings and space, and all of these are nestled on 28 million square feet of land.


New York is a little bit off the sea area, so the temperature is a bit warm during the winter when it is freezing at the inland us cities, the cities that are very close to the sea, the temperature at new york, is cold but doesn't get to the freezing level. So instead of experiencing heavy snowfall as other cities do, it is mostly rain.

Spring in New York is great the weather is always warm and nice, not too hot just warm, but Summers are hot with a level of humidity. The most enjoyable season in new york is autumn this when the city experiences more travel because the weather is perfect  everything heat, rain is in the right balance

Faculty and pedagogy

The City University of New York has different department divided into 17 faculties managed by 6,700 faculty members and 10,000 adjunct faculty members, the faculties are:  Education & Training, Humanities , Business & Management, Arts, Design & Architecture, Natural Sciences & Mathematics, Social Sciences, Medicine & Health, Computer Science & IT, Applied Sciences & Professions, Engineering & Technology, Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences, Journalism & Media, Law, Hospitality, Leisure & Sports, Agriculture & Forestry.

Jobs and placements

Knowing that for students, finances are a big necessity, the school has a Financial Aid Office in each of its college, which caters for students who need help and counsel financially, the office and most importantly alert the students of jobs offers that are available on campus at the time, to help them take advantage of these opportunities.

In addition, the financial aid offices, the school also has a Career center in each college too, to help students, understand, decide and prepare for their prospective careers.


  • Philip Alfonso Berry - Vice President, Queens College, and Borough of Manhattan Community College
  • Barbara Levy Boxer - U.S. Senator
  • Jeannette Brown - Chemist
  • Bella Abzug - U.S. Representative
  • Eric AdamsState Senator and co-founder of 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement Who Care


Here the emphasis is not high standards, and world-class infrastructure no the emphasis is the people that use them, this is why the school is not just affordable to people from all works of life, no matter race color or class, CUNY also provides a lot of financial aid, for its student. It as if they remember, THE PURPOSE OF EDUCATION, people not buildings.

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